Brian Burns

7 Ideas for Decorating Bedroom With Metallics

Metallics had a huge comeback in interior design, but rarely who dared to incorporate them into their bedroom design. Decorating with metallics is always tricky because you can easily go over the top and turn your room into one shiny disco ball.

5 Powerful Tips for Solo Travellers

Sometimes, you need to travel solo for an array of reasons. It could be because you are traveling for business, or you want some alone time so that you can reflect on various aspects surrounding your life.

Amazing Adventures: Top 5 Things to Do In South Africa

The number of tourists heading to South Africa is expected to climb from under 15 million to almost 20 million in the decade between 2013 and 2023. More people are visiting South Africa every year.
Why is South Africa getting more popular all the time? Let’s look at 5 of the top things to do in South Africa to see why.
1. Kruger National Park

How to Protect Your Privacy on Google

Did you know in 2018 alone, over 2.69 billion records were exposed or stolen around the globe? That’s 7.85 million every day, 327 thousand every hour, 5.46 thousand every minute, 91 every second. There are many tweaks you can make to your privacy settings on Google that can help protect your privacy. Let’s examine how we can begin to keep ourselves safe on Google. 

Prince George Bakes Christmas Puddings with the Queen

Photographs of Prince George baking Christmas puddings with Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and The Duke of Cambridge have been released by Buckingham Palace.