Corporate Team Building Activities

Brian Burns / October 01,2022

There’s the saying that teamwork makes the dream work. Team Building is a collective term for the different activities used to improve social toes and define roles within teams. These activities often involve collaboration among team members, intended to help build a more cohesive team.

The goal of any organization is to grow, but the company cannot achieve this if workers aren’t on the same page. Corporate team building activities help to foster a bond between co-workers. Getting to know a person better creates room for tolerance, and that’s what the purpose of these activities is for.

To excel, it is expedient that the team works together. This article aims to highlight some forms of these corporate team building activities and how they could help in strengthening co-workers’ alliances.

Skills Built From Corporate Team Building Activities

There are numerous skills which would require refurbishing through the aid of these corporate team building activities, some of them include;

  • Communication Skills: This is the most important among the four. It is impossible to progress or even pass the necessary information to another person without good communication. Communication only happens when there is valuable feedback. However, if there is tension amongst co-workers, it’ll make it hard for both to relate without getting misunderstood.
  • Problem Solving Skills: This is usually a requirement by HRs before a person is hired. Some problem-solving skills start to fade after workers have worked for years in a particular firm. Team building activities give workers the calmness to revive this skill when done consistently.
  • Adaptability and Planning: Adaptability and planning are issues that many company workers often struggle with. They have time management, procrastination, and even adaptability issues in case of urgent development. These sorts of problems slow down the pace of growth of a company, and that’s why there are corporate team building activities that exist to cover it.
  • Trust-Building: Many workers struggle with trusting their colleagues in an office space. For some, this a caused by developed trust issues. Others might have had an office experience that caused them to doubt a colleague. Either way, the lack of trust between co-workers is not beneficial for the company, hence the need for trust-building activities.

Forms of Corporate Team Building Activities

As we had earlier mentioned, there are four primary team building skills. Corporate workers use activities to improve these skills for the sake of team building and proper understanding amongst one another; they include;

  • Solve A puzzle: This is a widespread activity done by a lot of companies for the sake of building a good team. There should be a set time. Once the time has run out, relate questions to the workers by asking them how they’ll have solved a specific problem or the reasons for an action they took.
  • Compliment Circle: Here, each worker compliments the next by passing an object, usually a ball. This positive activity aims to teach workers gratitude amongst one another.
  • A show And Tell: The purpose of this activity is solely to boost a worker’s self-esteem. This is not restricted to accomplishments outside the workspace.
  • Play Team Or Board Games: Some firms put games at the center of their office spaces. The purpose is to loosen up workers and help them clear their minds when they’ve hit a block, and it also creates more bonding time between co-workers.

Other outdoor corporate team building activities include Question mingle, Karaoke night, Sales exercise, kayaking, mystery dinner, go-kart racing, the egg-drop challenge, and many more.


As a part of a company’s human resource team, you must organize corporate team building activities like these listed above every now and again. These activities are not just beneficial to the company but to the individual as well.