PSA: How to avoid expensive penalty toll charges when using RFID?

Brian Burns / May 12,2022
PSA: How to avoid expensive penalty toll charges when using RFID?

A TikTok user has complained about getting a shock for being charged the maximum toll rate while using RFID. Instead of a couple of ringgit, the user was charged RM37.47 for toll. It appears that the person has entered and exited a closed-highway system using two different payment methods.

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The uploader claims that it was never disclosed that users can only enter and exit the toll using the same method. Therefore, if you mix SmartTAG and RFID for toll payments, you will be penalised.
As shown in the video, the RM37.47 transaction was made on 28th April 2022 for an entry at Kota Damansara Toll Plaza on PLUS Highway. The video also claims that users who were penalised must request a refund within 30 days from Touch ‘n Go’s website. At the time of writing, the TikTok video has garnered over 129,000 views, 793 shares, and 249 comments.
RFID users should only enter and exit via RFID lanes on PLUS
 How to avoid expensive penalty toll charges when using RFID?Source: PLUS
When PLUS enabled RFID payments across the North-South Expressway on 15th January, the highway concessionaire did highlight that users should enter and exit using the same payment lane. This means if you enter via RFID, you should also exit via RFID. According to their infographic, users shouldn’t enter via Touch ‘n Go or SmartTAG and then exit via RFID, or vice versa. Similarly, SmartTAG users should not use the RFID lane as RFID is only meant for RFID-tagged vehicles only.
If someone is stuck in the RFID lane, you shouldn’t switch to other payment lanes and you should wait for the vehicle to clear. This is something that can be alleviated if more TNG lanes are converted to RFID. Eventually, all of these issues will be a thing of the past as there will be no more barriers or toll lanes once the government implements Multi-Lane-Free-Flow (MLFF) by 2025.
It is also worth highlighting that PLUS doesn’t support PayDirect. If you’re using a TNG card, you must ensure that you have sufficient balance on the physical card.
Closed vs Open toll system
 How to avoid expensive penalty toll charges when using RFID?
It is worth highlighting that PLUS adopts a closed-toll system whereby your toll charges are calculated based on your entry and exit point. If a vehicle enters and exits using a different payment method, a penalty will be charged if the system has no record of your entry point. This is the same situation as using a different TNG card when you enter and exit the highway.
This isn’t a problem with an open-toll system that’s used on most highways within the Klang Valley. Since the toll charge is fixed regardless of where you enter, you can use different payment methods while using the same highway. For example on the LDP, you can enter Sunway Toll Plaza with RFID, and then use SmartTAG or TNG at the Penchala Toll Plaza.
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