Taunton Bay Soap Company

Brian Burns / August 18,2022

Taunton Bay Soap Company
What is different about Taunton Bay Soap Company?
Taunton Bay Soap Company considers their members as a tribe. They are more like a family rather than an organization. They started this family back in 2014. Since then, they have worked hard to gain a good reputation. They have been consistent in what they have been doing. The people can find their headquarters in Sullivan, Maine, USA. In the area of Maine, they even passed the use of kratom. They did this by coming into contact with the government. They have co-owners who help in diversifying their product lines.
Which products have gained the attention of the users?
Taunton Bay Soap Company has thirteen different strains available with them. These strains include proprietary blends too. The common strains include Red Bentuangi, Red Maeng Da, Green Malay and White Maeng Da. They form Red Hulk too by mixing red and white strains. They have synergy which is a mixture of green, white and yellow strains. Starbust is a mixture of red and yellow strain. Moreover, the company has Asian Tea capsules. They help people in remaining active while they are at work or while travelling. The types include red vein, green vein, white vein and yellow vein.
How much do the customers have to pay?
The company has different packages available to offer to their customers. Their products are available in grams. The prices vary with the amount of grams. Their Single Package has options of 30, 60, 125 and 250 grams. Their prices vary from 6 USD to 40 USD. Then, they have 2X Split Package. It has a total of 120 grams. This package costs around 22 USD. They also have 4X Split Package. This package has an option of 250, 500 and 1000 grams. The price of this package varies from 42 USD to 98 USD.
Coupon Codes by Taunton Bay Soap Company
The company gives a chance to their customers to save their money. They provide chances of availing the coupon codes. These coupon codes are for specific time span only. If not availed, they get expired. They give discounts on their products. These vary from five to thirty percent off of the products. In a similar way, they provide the coupon codes on special occasions such as New Year Eve. In this way, the customers can get the desired products in lowered prices. They do not have to pay the extra cash. Such techniques also grabs the attention of many people.
Shipping services by Taunton Bay Soap Company
The company uses USPS for their shipping services. They do not provide same day shipping. Yet they try to process the orders on the same day if the people place them before 2pm. The customers also have to pay a shipping price. This is $7.95 for five kilograms. The customers have to pay extra $7.95 for every extra five kilograms. Their whole delivery process might take up to three business days. The company provides free insurance on the orders placed by the customers.
Box by Taunton Bay Soap Company
The company gives an option of ordering the subscription box. The customers can subscribe to get the box on monthly basis. This box has at least five different products by the company. The users can try them all by paying saving a bit of cash. If they pay for the items on individual basis, they would have to pay a higher price. They also get a chance to try new products by the company that they might be unfamiliar with. They get a different experience by consuming the different product categories.
Customer Service by Taunton Bay Soap Company
The company has received good reviews about their customer service. Their customers can contact them at any time by filling out the form present on their website. They can get their queries answered without facing any difficulty. The company also have the customer service representatives. The customers can have a direct chat with these representatives. They help them in resolving the issues that they might have to face. Their whole staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The company even has a phone number on their website which the customers can use.

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