Top Business Mistakes Women Should Avoid

Brian Burns / October 02,2022
Top Business Mistakes Women Should Avoid
  • Measuring Success
  • No Apologies
  • Perfection Is A Flaw
  • Seeing Not Looking
  • When it comes to businesses, there is no such as thing as a perfect formula. What may work for other people may not work for you and vice versa. That is why it is always so great to learn from other people’s mistakes, that way you could actually avoid them. Then again, there are also times when people don’t really notice that they are actually making these mistakes, which is why these three women CEOs are pointing out some of the worst mistakes you must avoid when it comes to your businesses and careers.

    Measuring Success

    According to Anna Zornosa, who is the chief executive officer as well as the founder of fashion shapewear Ruby Ribbon, businesses don’t always mean that there is a competition. Having a business itself as well as staying relevant may be a competition, but when it comes to the workforce, it doesn’t always have to be, especially with women.Most women believe that women who have full-time jobs are guaranteed to be more successful than those who have side hustles. There are tons of women in the world who would rather work part-time because they would want to spend more time with their children, but at the same time not giving up on their careers. This is the common misconception, since women may think that just because you have a family to take care of then you would no longer have time to build your own empire.This has been proven wrong by so many women, just like Lyn Perkins, who is one of the founders of UrbanSitter. Her company’s revenue for the past two years has reached $270 million already. Most people think that they could measure success just by who’s doing what and how much work someone is doing, success is achieved if the person believes that they have already reached the point that they have always wanted to reach. No one can say you are not successful just because they have a different way of explaining it.

    No Apologies

    Hostfully founder, Margot Schomorak, said that being humble and kind are such good traits when it comes to your personal life, what most women tend to do is that they mix it with their professional ones. In the business world, respect must be earned at all times, so as a woman, it is very important for you to never let people have the chance to step on you.One of the best ways to do it is to not apologize. There may be times that you would make a mistake, but don’t use the word sorry, try saying it in a manner that you would make some changes or that you’ll get into it. Apologizing makes someone else superior and it is not exactly ideal.

    Perfection Is A Flaw

    Being a perfectionist can be both a good and a bad thing, but often times it is a mistake most women make in the business world. Perkins said that it is best to always aim for excellence, but don’t aim for perfection. That is because perfection doesn’t exist, and it would then lead to disappointment.If something is perfect, that just means it no longer needs to be changed or enhanced. It doesn’t have any room to grow or evolve. There is nothing wrong if you want things to be in order, but you must accept the fact that there will always be times that things may not go your way, which is why it is always ideal to have a backup plan. Perfection could actually ruin a person, because then that person may be too focused on aiming for it even if what they have is already good enough.  

    Seeing Not Looking

    Another common mistake would be when you would actually see what is right in front of you, without looking into better things that may be far away from you. In businesses, some people pay too much attention to VIPs, what most people need to understand is that consumers, in general, are important. Having a hierarchy may lead to losing some consumers. Treating people with the same respect and giving them the same attention would let people know that there is equality and they would want to come back for more.