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Emily Ratajkowski’s relationship historical past as mannequin reportedly seeing Pete Davidson

  • Emily Ratajkowski’s relationship historical past explored
  • Sebastian Bear-McClard
  • Jeff Magid
  • Andrew Dryden
  • According to PEOPLE, the mannequin and Pete Davidson are reportedly an merchandise nonetheless who has she been linked to beforehand? Let’s uncover Emily Ratajkowski’sdating historical past.

    “Pete and Emily have been talking for a couple months now,” an insider fully toldUs. “They’re in the very early stages, but both really like each other.”

    This comes after the pair have been seen holding palms in Brooklyn, New York merely months after the SNL star break up from Kim Kardashian.

    Right now, neither of them has addressed the relationship experiences. HITC and GRV Media have reached out to Emily and Pete for comment.

    Read on to see the mannequin’s relationship historical past…

    Emily Ratajkowski’s relationship historical past explored

    Sebastian Bear-McClard

    The 28-year-old’s most well-known relationship was collectively together with her husband of 4 years Sebastian Bear-McClard.

    He is an actor who has been in a wide range of movement photos along with Uncut Gems (2019), Good Time (2017), and Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022), his IMDb profile reveals.

    They have been first seen collectively on Valentine’s Day 2018 and the actor proposed within the an identical month. Then, they purchased married in February 2018 too.

    The pair wed at New York’s City Hall and the mannequin wore a yellow jumpsuit from Zara and a black hat. They didn’t make their relationship Instagram official until after the wedding.

Brian Burns / November 10,2022

I’ve Tried 100s of Lipsticks—These Are the Best 9 For Party Season

I’ve Tried 100s of Lipsticks—These Are the Best 9 For Party Season

Even as a beauty editor, I am often stuck in my ways when it comes to my make-up. Whether it’s a day at the office, date night, a work event or an impromptu trip to the pub, it’s almost as if I go into autopilot, applying the same look time and time again. First up, my trusty flick with a brown kohl liner (a game changer by the way), then a slick of mascara, a foundation mixed with some kind of glow cream, a bit of bronzer, cream blusher, powder, a lip gloss and I’m away. And yes, I always do my eyes first and yes a lot of people find it weird.

When this time of year comes around, however, it’s as if the inner Ru Paul in me awakens and I want it all going on at once. Glitter eyeshadow? All over it. Fake lashes? I’ll take a full and fluttery corner set, please. Oh, and while you’re at it, you wouldn’t mind sticking on a few rhinestones? Anywhere will do.


But my favourite beauty product for party season, without a doubt, is an amazing lipstick. Whether it’s a bright red, hot pink or a glitter extravaganza, there’s just something about a lipstick that can really compliment a festive getup and add a sprinkle of extra to the vibe you’re going for. 

With that in mind, here are the best party lipsticks that don’t compromise on comfort, ease of application, staying power or pigment. You best believe I’m rocking up to the Christmas ‘do, Winter Wonderland,  my Grandma’s annual festive family gathering and New Years Eve wearing one of them. 

Brian Burns / November 10,2022

SNL’s Fox News cold open poke fun at media’s attempt to dump Trump following dismal midterms

SNL’s Fox News cold open poke fun at media’s attempt to dump Trump following dismal midterms

Saturday Night Live poked fun at the midterm elections and the urge by some conservative news media to ‘dump Trump’ in the aftermath, during the show’s cold open.

The scene opened on the set of Fox & Friends with cast members Heidi Gardner as Ainsley Earhardt, Mikey Day as Steve Doocy joined by Bowen Yang playing Brian Kilmeade. 

The question asked by SNL’s Fox News echoed that of real world news media: ‘What happened to that red wave?’ Day pondered.

Just as in the real world,  Fox News and other Rupert Murdoch-owned media and publications have dumped Trump. SNL’s Fox appeared to do the same while holding up some Trump-critical newspapers.

Cecily Strong then returned as far-right Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, appearing on camera in a soft focus – similar to her real-life on-screen appearances. 



SNL opened on the set of Fox & Friends with cast members Heidi Gardner as Ainsley Earhardt, Mikey Day as Steve Doocy joined by Bowen Yang playing Brian Kilmeade

Just as in the real world Fox News and other Rupert Murdoch-owned media and publications have dumped Trump, SNL’s Fox appeared to do the same while holding up critical newspapers.

Not all of the newspaper headlines were made up – including the Murdoch-backed NY Post

‘My campaign isn’t dead yet, even though my camera filter makes it look like I’m in heaven,’ she said.  

The anchors told her how the race is a toss-up with Democrat Katie Hobbs currently leading.

‘That is because the Maricopa County officials are incompetent and it’s my belief that the election is rigged and the results should be thrown out,’ Strong’s Lake said.

Brian Burns / November 08,2022

UCLA: A Top Theatre School

  • Is It Hard To Get Into Ucla Theater?
  • What Is The Number 1 Acting School In America?
  • Boston University School Of Theatre
  • University Of California Theatre
  • Best Acting School In California
  • Ucla Acting Program
  • Which Uc School Is Best For Acting?
  • The Best College For Aspiring Actors
  • UCLA is one of the most prestigious theatre schools in the country. It has a long history of producing successful theatre professionals. Many of its alumni have gone on to have successful careers in theatre, film, and television. The school offers a well-rounded education in the performing arts, and its faculty is made up of working professionals who are dedicated to teaching the next generation of artists. UCLA also has a strong commitment to diversity, and its students come from all over the world. This makes for a unique and enriching educational experience.

    Is UCLA a good university for aspiring actors? As a major in acting, you can attend UCLA. This program is well-rounded, simple to fit into your classes, and you can work on your resume right out of the gate. Furthermore, UCLA has one of the best acting programs in the West. According to College Factual’s most recent rankings, UCLA is ranked 19th among the best schools for theater majors. A bachelor’s degree in theater at UCLA is expected to pay a total of $23,300 in salary. A typical theater student taking a master’s degree would be in debt at the end of the semester, owing approximately $78,727 in student loans.

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Live Animal Event at American Prairie’s National Discover Center – 11/12 – Lewistown, Montana


American Prairie is pleased to announce an upcoming event in partnership with ZooMontana at the National Discovery Center in Lewistown. On Saturday, November 12 from 10am to 2pm, educational staff from ZooMontana in Billings will be bringing a number of live animals to Lewistown as part of the National Discovery Center’s ongoing program, “ECO-Critters.”This is the third time ZooMontana and American Prairie have teamed up for “ECO-Critters. Animals visiting on November 12 include a plains hognose snake named Wilbur, an eastern screech owl named Scout, and some Vietnamese walking sticks.During this event, visitors can explore multiple stations and learn about the natural world the animals live in and how they are cared for at the zoo. Visitors can also tour the National Discovery Center exhibits and learn even more about prairie plants and animals.The plains hognose snake is native to the Central Montana prairie from Helena eastward. When threatened, it will flatten its neck and raise its head off the ground, similar to a cobra, and hiss. To protect itself, it may also “play dead” by sticking out its tongue, bleeding from its mouth, and releasing an odor.Scout, the screech owl, is the first bird of prey to be showcased as part of the ECO-Critters program.

Brian Burns / November 01,2022

It’s always the exciting part with the vivo Y35’s 44W charge and big storage!

It’s always the exciting part with the vivo Y35’s 44W charge and big storage!

Manila, Philippines, November 2 2022 – The suspenseful music comes to a halt. The main character and their love interest stand face-to-face–a long awaited confrontation. Tears begin to form in your eyes as they profess their undying love for one another. He leans in, she closes her eyes, you prepare to squeal your heart out when all of a sudden, the dreaded low battery alert pops on your phone. A fleeting battery life can be very frustrating especially when it happens in the middle of doing the things you love. It cuts the excitement short, ruins the momentum and, worst of all, you have to wait at least two hours before you can pick up where you left off. But vivo is about to save you from all that trouble. vivo Y35 lets you enjoy everything you love without constantly worrying about your phone’s battery. With vivo Y35’s large battery capacity and fast charging power, you can do more and accomplish more as #QuickAsAFlashLooking forward to filling your weekends and free-time with fun-filled action? Here is everything that you can do with vivo Y35’s long-lasting battery powered by 44W fast-charging capability.Beat FOMO. Binge watch all you can!Is everybody talking about that wild plot twist from the new episode while you’re still on earlier episodes of season one? Say no more to FOMO! With vivo Y35 you can enjoy uninterrupted binge watching so you can keep up with online conversations and fan theories in no time. vivo Y35 packs a 5000mAh huge battery powered by AI power saving technology. With just a single full charge you can enjoy more than 14 hours of online movie streaming.

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David Beckham and his wife Victoria reveal they watch TV in the shower at their £31m mansion

David Beckham and his wife Victoria reveal they watch TV in the shower at their £31m mansion

David Beckham and his wife Victoria reveal instead of singing in the shower they watch television.

The English footballer, 47, and the fashion designer, 48, have installed a TV screen into their shower in their £31m mansion in West London.

Photographer Darryn Lyons recalled a run-in he had with Victoria, where she admitted her and David were in the shower together watching the news. 


Entertainment: David Beckham and his wife Victoria reveal instead of singing in the shower they watch television

He said: ‘I remember Victoria Beckham coming up to me in a very famous hotel in London.

‘She came up to myself and Bryan Morrison, who was the manager for George Michael [at the time], and she said, ‘I was just watching you on Sky News in the shower with David on our new shower TV screen’.’

The Beckhams – who have been married since 1999 and share four children – now split their time between their main family residence, a £31million Holland Park mansion, a £6million Cotswold farmhouse and a Miami apartment worth £19million. 

Home: The English footballer, 47, and the fashion designer, 48, have installed a TV screen into their shower in their £31m mansion in West London

The couple splashed out £8million on renovating their palatial Grade II-listed townhouse, which they bought in September 2013, creating a host of home improvements including six bedrooms, a gym, wine cellar and powder room. 

They employed celebrity designer Rose Uniacke to oversee the whole project, which also includes a home cinema, indoor pool and even an air-conditioned garden before making the move in August 2016.

Brian Burns / October 04,2022

Louisville’s Jewish Community Study “Electrifying!”


“It’s electrifying!” That’s how Dr. Jon Klein described the recently released results of the 2021-22 Community Study of Jewish Louisville. In his lifetime, of the many studies that he has read, he said that this one is in the top three. From Dr. Klein’s perspective, “the data presented convinced me that the future could be very bright for the Louisville Jewish community.”One of the most enlightening findings of the study, conducted by Brandeis University, is that Louisville’s Jewish community is larger than expected, over 60% larger. Previous studies, which only included Jewish Louisvillians who belonged to religious congregations and organizations, estimated the city’s Jewish population at about 8,500. It has been over 15 years since the last study. For the first time, the Louisville Jewish community reportedly includes 7,100 households comprised of 18,300 adults and children, of whom 14,200 are Jewish. The current study included the unaffiliated Jewish population in the entire Louisville and Southern Indiana area, boosting the numbers significantly. The Jewish Heritage Fund (JHF), together with the Jewish Federation of Louisville, commissioned the Community Study. “We’re eager to see the community dive into the results and consider how to use the data to make Jewish Louisville one of the most inclusive and welcoming communities in the country,” Jeff Polson, President & CEO of the Jewish Heritage Fund, said. “The findings point to a number of exciting opportunities to engage a wide and diverse cross-section of the Jewish community in Greater Louisville.”Lead researcher Matt A. Brookner came to Louisville in early September to explain the results of the survey in a series of meetings with community leaders and two public town halls.

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Welcome to Overwatch 2 – Xbox Wire

Welcome to Overwatch 2 – Xbox Wire
  • Familiar Faces, New Skills and All-New Heroes
  • Experience More than Ever Before with New Features
  • Next-Gen Upgrades
  • Stand with your Fellow Heroes
  • Overwatch® 2
  • Overwatch® 2: Watchpoint Pack

    The day has come! Overwatch 2 has just launched as a new free-to-play experience for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Whether you’re a new or returning player, you can choose from 35 unique heroes and team up in 5v5 battles on 22 beautiful maps across the globe. Jump into six distinct game modes today and get ready for new and returning limited-time modes and events later this season.


    Familiar Faces, New Skills and All-New Heroes

    Learn about reworks to the original Overwatch cast and check out the newest heroes added to Overwatch 2 on Overwatch.com and here on Xbox Wire. Sojourn, Junker Queen and Kiriko are the latest additions to the roster and are ready to play today!

    It’s time to experience some of your favorite heroes in new and different ways! Role Passives have been added for Tank, Damage, and Support heroes that allows for more depth and gameplay strategies. With over 44,000 new lines of dialog, you’ll always be hearing and learning something new about our heroes.

    We’re keeping it fresh through our updated game engine, where all heroes are overhauled with updated appearances, VFX, and revamped combat sound design.


    Experience More than Ever Before with New Features

    Overwatch 2 introduces a collection of new gameplay experiences to dive into. Check out the below for more details:

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Magic’s Paolo Banchero scores 8 in preseason debut; Franz Wagner sits in loss to Grizzlies

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