Destiny 2 Is Getting Fortnite Skins According To Dataminer

Brian Burns / August 19,2022
Destiny 2 Is Getting Fortnite Skins According To Dataminer

Destiny 2 Is Getting Fortnite Skins According To DataminerFortnite and Destiny 2 are probably the two most popular live service games out there right now. The former is now also known to have crossovers from just about any other popular media franchise. But instead of taking things into its universe, the next crossover it is involved in sees it going out. And to the latter game, of all places.
Destiny 2 dataminer @GinsorKR shared on Twitter a screenshot showing a Warlock, a Titan and a Hunter, sporting what looks to be Fortnite skins. Specifically, the Black Knight, Catalyst and Omega skins, but its own twist to fit the game. For now, there’s no indication on when this crossover will start, or the method with which Destiny 2 players can get these Fortnite skins.

It’s an interesting direction for such a crossover to go for. Especially for a lore-heavy game like Destiny 2, crossovers usually require much more careful consideration. A good example is the one involving Halo’s guns from late last year. And it especially makes sense to fans of both games, since Bungie was the studio that birthed both games, before 343 Industries took over Halo in 2012.
Fortnite, on the other hand, doesn’t quite have this kind of restriction. It has had crossovers from other games, pop culture, and even singers. The most recent Dragon Ball crossover is probably the best example of the sky being the limit. So it’s a wonder why the studios behind this crossover decided for this particular direction. But for what it’s worth, the skins being in Destiny 2 rather than Fortnite does mean that they are that much more detailed.
Destiny 2 Is Getting Fortnite Skins According To DataminerSource: Bungie.
At any rate, this datamine comes just days before Bungie is scheduled to reveal season 18 for Destiny 2, on 23 August. That may be when more details about this crossover will be announced, and maybe players will be able to make more sense of it.
(Source: @GinsorKR / Twitter via PCGamesN, The Verge)

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