Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Version 1.2 Coming In February, Tera Raid Of Cinderace Now Live

Brian Burns / January 10,2023
Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Version 1.2 Coming In February, Tera Raid Of Cinderace Now Live


The next software update for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will include bug fixes and added functionality.


Game Freak has confirmed via a blog post that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will receive a software update in late February to address some performance issues players found in the game’s current version. It will also improve the player experience via bug fixes and added functionality. Information about the upcoming overhaul’s release date and its content is thin for the moment.

Despite having a rocky launch due to glitches and performance issues that left players feeling disappointed, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet received a major patch back in November 2022, which added features like Ranked Battles, and the update also brought numerous bug fixes. However, this overhaul could not address plenty of other performance issues that players have been suffering from since the game’s initial launch.


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The 7-star Raid Battle event featuring the Mighty Cinderace is also now live in the Paldea region, giving Trainers a chance to empower their Pokedex with one of the rarest Pokemon ever seen in the game. As a Fighting Tera Type, only players who have unlocked 6-star Raid Battles can participate in the Mighty Cinderace event. They can only catch Cinderace once but can play again to earn more rewards. Players who have already caught Cinderace the last time this event ran will not be able to catch another. This Tera Raid event also features Gengar and Gyarados, and it will run until January 15th at 23:59 UTC.

Similar to other Tera Raid Battles, players will receive Candy, Tera Shards, Bottle Caps, and treasure items that can be sold for money. Players will also get TMT64 bulk-up and an Ability Patch once they defeat the Mighty Cinderace for the first time. As confirmed by Serebii.net, A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Valentine’s Day event has been announced, featuring Fairy-type Tandemous and running from February 13th through 15th.