Who is the Best Roblox Bedwars Player? Answered

Brian Burns / January 23,2023
  • Who is the Best Roblox Bedwars Player? Answered
  • If you’re a Roblox player, then you may have had your own run-in with the fan-favorite user-created title, BedWars. It’s a truly deep title that’s grown to have a pretty substantial player base, kicking off its own mythos in the Roblox landscape. It’s gotten so big that Twitch streamers and the like have been drawing attention to the title, making players wonder who the best of the best is. So today, we’re going to reveal who the best Roblox BedWars player is!

    Who is the Best Roblox Bedwars Player? Answered

    Roblox BedWars players actually have the capability to see the entire leaderboard of how every player in the game is doing. Once in the hub world, head near the large windmill and you’ll see a crown floating on wood posts. Here, you’ll be able to choose either the current season’s leaderboard or the monthly wins leaderboard.

    For those wondering who the best player is, according to the season six leaderboard, it would appear that a YouTuber by the name of YoJpingStar with a Nightmare ranking. As for monthly wins, that number one title goes to a player that goes by 1111III11111111III1I and is the current leader.

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    It’s worth noting that every 30 days or so the monthly wins category hits a fresh restart, allowing players to begin with a clean slate and try their hand at getting their name in the higher rankings. The same goes for the seasons that come and go, as the slate will be wiped clean there as well.

    Players can also view their own standing by heading to the right of that sign and see their own all-time stats too. This includes wins, bed breaks, final kills, and such. It can really come in handy as it allows players to study their stats and try to get better in order to climb the leaderboards, possibly getting to a number one spot!

    So, the important thing to keep in mind is that the “best BedWars player” title is constantly being given to different players, so there really isn’t a single person who carries the weight of being the number one at all times.

    So, that’s who the best BedWars player is, and how you can view this information yourself! And feel free to check out some of our other BedWars guides, such as “Roblox Bedwars – How to Get Free Kits”. Don’t forget to like Gamer Journalist on Facebook for even more great content!

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