4 Little Ways To Become More Generous

Brian Burns / February 10,2022
4 Little Ways To Become More Generous

There are certain qualities of a person that are widely regarded as ‘morally good’—patience, humility, kindness, diligence, and generosity. Why is generosity important? Generous people tend to be happier, more content, and emotionally fulfilled in their lives. Something about giving back to others can make you feel like a better person.
Here are some generous acts that can go a long way:
Write a good review for a restaurant
Generous acts aren’t relegated only to expensive gifts and big shows of affection—the little things can matter a lot. One wonderful way of supporting a local restaurant or startup is to write a good review every time you partake in their services and spread their good name.
Getting word out about local, small businesses, especially during the pandemic, can make a world of difference to the owner. Seeing a detailed 5-star review of any restaurant can be a game-changer!
Offer expertise
Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, dog groomer, therapist, or nurse, we all have some level of expertise regarding different topics. While working outside of your work hours can be incredibly draining, you can make a friend’s entire day or week easier with just a little help and advice. No matter how intensive the knowledge you share is or how small the act is, helping someone out will make their life much easier.
If you find yourself with some extra time on your hands at some point in the week, you can donate it by volunteering at a local organization! Look around for one whose mission aligns with your interests, and volunteer to help their cause and share their name in order to help them thrive and achieve their goals. They’re sure to be grateful for any additional helping hands.
4 Little Ways To Become More Generous
Buy fundraising t-shirts online!
One of the best ways to be more generous is to spend your hard-earned money on a good cause, such as buying t-shirts for charity organisations.
Online t-shirt stores like Shop For A Cause can help you become a part of their amazing donation scheme where they  donate 20% of their proceeds to charity. Each of their super-cool t-shirts are specifically designed to initiate a conversation, support a cause, and bring some positive change in society.
Spread the word with these t-shirts for charity and order a printed quotes t-shirt today!
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