Bill and Melinda Gates Want to Distribute Vaccine Based on Racial Groups, Starting With This Group First

Brian Burns / June 27,2020

Bill Gates and his wife Melinda are making the news this week for multiple reasons, and neither of them are very attractive reasons.
The first thing that came up was about a family who had ties to the Gates foundation were all found to have drowned in their new pool in New Jersey.
How is that that an entire family drowns in a pool? By the whole family, I mean three generations; a grandfather, a mother, and then her daughter.
Supposedly none of them knew how to swim. But what was suspicious is that they have ties to the Gates’.
But that’s not the only reason they’re in the news. Some of this may be controversial and you may agree or disagree, but there are some serious risks to vaccinations, especially those that are fast-tracked like the coronavirus vaccine is having done to it.
Melinda Gates said that she wants to deliver the new vaccine based on racial groups and should start with black people first.
Bill Gates’ wife, Melinda, said last week during a virtual Forbes philanthropy summit with her husband that “black people” and “indigenous people” should receive the coronavirus vaccine first, if they are in the healthcare field.
“One of the reasons we are so involved in this is that you don’t want the first vaccines to go to the highest-bidding countries,” Melinda Gates said. “There are 60 million healthcare workers. They deserve to get the vaccine first, they’re the ones dealing with this on the front lines, trying to keep us all safe.”
Gates then went on to explain who in the healthcare industry should receive the vaccine first.
“Then you have to start to tier from there, based on the countries and the populations,” Gates continued. “Here in the United States, it’s going to be black people who really should get it first and many indigenous people, as well as people with underlying symptoms, and then elderly people.”
Since nearly the beginning of the pandemic, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has lent financial support to finding a vaccine for COVID-19. They have donated to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, which the foundation claims will work to pay for and distribute doses of the vaccine to countries of low-income.

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