What is Gemini Personality: Things You Don’t Know about Them

Brian Burns / July 09,2022
What is Gemini Personality: Things You Don’t Know about Them

So, what is Gemini personality?
Gemini is just complicated to understand.
Have you ever wondered why Gemini behaves so differently at the same time? It’s like you’re talking to two persons. Well, this is normal because individuals born under the twins sign have dual personality.
The truth is lots of Geminis have two completely different sides to their personality. Being in a relationship with them is quite challenging, but one sure thing is they you’ll never feel bored.

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  • 7 Things You Don’t Know about a Gemini
    • 1. You’re dating two persons
    • 2. They are flaky
    • 3. They are good at giving advice
    • 4. They need their ‘me’ time
    • 5. They hide their emotions
    • 6. They crave for adventures
    • 7. They get distracted easily
    • 8. They want you to be blunt
  • Summary

7 Things You Don’t Know about a Gemini
 Things You Don’t Know about Them
1. You’re dating two persons
If you’re the type afraid of commitment in relationships, well then Gemini is your perfect match. Their dual nature makes you feel like you’re on a date with two different persons, and that sounds interesting.
You probably get surprised at first with their constant switch in personality. They can be a sweet, caring lover today, and then the next day they become so passionate and full of energy. Gradually I’m sure you will get curious about which personality you’re about to spend time with whenever they’re around.
They know how to keep you on your toes all the time.
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2. They are flaky
Gemini sometimes doesn’t show up though they say they will. Don’t get too excited right after they promise you something because they may cancel the plan at last minutes. Many who have been dating people of this sign say that they can be a bit flaky; this seems to be a trait existing in both the Gemini male and female.
They just mess up the date unexpectedly, from being late to changing the plans. Get yourself prepared for spontaneous things if you’re in a relationship with a Gemini.
3. They are good at giving advice
Guess what?
Another surprising trait from Gemini natives is that they are in-born advisors. If you’re in need of guidance for your problems, the twins are super helpful. They are one of the best communicative signs in the zodiac, so they know exactly what to say and what to avoid.
In case you have any issue that needs insights and solutions, don’t mind asking your Gemini friend or lover. They will surely have an answer for what you’re searching for, and that will definitely ease all the anxiety and stress you’re dealing with.
4. They need their ‘me’ time
We all know Geminis are true social butterflies along with Aquarius and Sagittarius. But, like any other signs, they want to have their alone time. Freedom and independence are what they value the most in life. If you can provide your Gemini lover these two things, they will run away from the relationship.
Don’t be clingy and ask them to spend every single second with you. They don’t like a needy lover and sometimes they need to an amount of time for themselves. Let them reload their thoughts and relax in their own world, and later they will come back.
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5. They hide their emotions
Gemini is always misunderstood as the happiest person. If you don’t know them well, you will think the same because they are optimistic and seem to always radiate positive energy in any circumstance.
Nevertheless, what you’ve never expected is that they don’t really open up with anyone except their family and close friends. They may have a big social circle, but not many really know their secrets.
So, if a Gemini tells you something secretive about themselves, it means they truly value you as a friend.
6. They crave for adventures
All Geminis crave for adventures and thrilling challenges.
They need constant mental stimulation in anything they do. If you want to date a Gemini, keep in mind that you can’t be reserved or timid. You have to be as energetic as they are and keep up with their pace because they won’t wait for you.
To captivate the heart of an adventurous Gemini, you must be capable of shaking things up when around them. Come up with new things and take them to fun places so that they will appreciate your presence more.
Together you two will have plenty of cool adventures with each other.
7. They get distracted easily
Sad but true, Gemini is a friend that you’re quite afraid of when having a group project at college. It’s better not to be stuck with them because their level of getting distracted is beyond your imagination.
Geminis love to start doing projects, but they never accomplish one completely. They tend to jump from one to another without finishing anything as they lose interest quickly and get distracted easily.
They feel excited when working on something new but then something shows up and they will forget what they’ve just begun.
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8. They want you to be blunt
No sugarcoating words to Gemini because they sound dull.
If you’re with a Gemini, then you probably know that they are the straightforward and honest type. They want people close to them express their feelings bluntly. When discussing something, be direct instead of beating around the bush. Don’t be hesitant and state your opinions freely.
Gemini would love to hear what you are truly feeling so that they can understand you better, so don’t act like someone you are not and fake your feelings.

So, that’s all for Gemini personality that you didn’t know.
It’s fun spending time with Gemini as they always say things making you laugh. They’re also a person providing only good advice for any of your situation. Consider yourself lucky if you’re having a Gemini by your side – they will stick with you through thick and thin and always have your back.
Keep in mind that Gemini is never a big fan of criticism. Hence, it’s better to avoid saying anything too harsh to them or they may feel insulted. In general, they are intriguing and full of interesting qualities that make them the soul of every gathering.
People just can’t help but loving them.
Don’t mind telling me your experience with a Gemini…
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