7 Ideas for Decorating Bedroom With Metallics

Brian Burns / January 15,2020
7 Ideas for Decorating Bedroom With Metallics

Metallics had a huge comeback in interior design, but rarely who dared to incorporate them into their bedroom design. Decorating with metallics is always tricky because you can easily go over the top and turn your room into one shiny disco ball. People used to avoid metallics for their bedroom decor, but now, the goods of interior design have shown us how to do it, and we are ready to embrace the metallics. Hence, if you want to make your bedroom shine, we represent you some of the best ideas for decorating with metallics.
7 Ideas for Decorating Bedroom With Metallics
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Metal Wallpapers
7 Ideas for Decorating Bedroom With Metallics
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Yes, they exist. Wallpapers are back in trend, and they come in all metallic colors. If you are more for a “subtle” approach, you can accent just one wall and cover it with metallic wallpapers in gold. There are so many beautiful, lavish patterns in golden shades that can easily turn your bedroom into a luxury hotel room. Of course, if you like it, you can cover each wall, but then keep the rest of the room decor minimalistic.
Golden Curtains
7 Ideas for Decorating Bedroom With Metallics
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We all love those long and elegant looking curtains that stretch all the way from the ceiling to the floor, and there is something luxurious and homey about them. Long and elegant looking curtains also resemble the style of old castles and eastern palaces. If you go with metallic gold, brass, or copper shade, you will get one beautiful metallic accent that is perfect for everyone who is wondering if the metallics are the right fit. In case you are not feeling it, simply return those curtains and keep the old ones. 
Trendy Pillows
7 Ideas for Decorating Bedroom With Metallics
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Pillows are another great accessories that will give your bedroom a touch of metallics. With pillows, you cannot go wrong, and the more you have them, the better. Arrange them in front of your sleeping pillow, put one on the chair, one next to the window, anywhere where you can have a cozy seating spot. Another great thing is that you do not have to purchase new pillows if you already have them, seek for pillowcases only. We are sure you will find plenty of metallic ones or the ones with shiny beads and pearls.
Metalized Bed
7 Ideas for Decorating Bedroom With Metallics
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A bed frame made of brass, or painted in rose gold, old gold color is not only a modern piece of furniture but a beautiful pop of metallics. You can enhance the headboard even more by purchasing a tufted headboard in silver, gold, or bronze color. With headboards, there is only one rule, the bigger, the better, because it adds a dash of luxury to your bedroom. 
Painted Ceiling
7 Ideas for Decorating Bedroom With Metallics
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We pay attention to all the corners of our bedroom, but not at all to the ceiling. It does not have to be white, so why not paint it in gold or metallic beige? There are special paints that come in pretty much every color, and they have a metallic effect, so your ceiling could be in a warm copper tone or color of old gold.

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Metallic Vanity Table
7 Ideas for Decorating Bedroom With Metallics
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Nightstands and vanity tables can also come in silver or gold tones. It is not necessary to purchase new furniture; you can repaint your old ones and turn them into new, fabulous pieces of furniture. It can also be a fun DYJ project during which you can paint not only furniture but some other decorative items like vases, candle holders, etc. By doing so, you will get several items in the same tone and create a pleasant atmosphere.
Golden Picture Frames
7 Ideas for Decorating Bedroom With Metallics
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You can turn your memories into beautiful wall art by framing them into elegant metallic frames and curating them on a wall. It is a nice way to complement your space and introduce metallics into your bedroom. You can later pair it with mirrors in creative metal frames and other details in metallics. 
How Not to Go Over the Top
7 Ideas for Decorating Bedroom With Metallics
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Sometimes just a detail is enough, but sometimes even a golden wall can work well and not look tacky at all. So how to achieve that balance and find an elegant-looking solution? Just follow these tips:

  • Mix metallics with soft fabric textures like wool, velvet, or mohair, it will soften the overall effect and make everything look more subtle.
  • Keep it neutral, and stay away from colorful items. Brass goes well with darker tones such as navy, purple, and black, while chrome and lighter shades go with grays, whites, beige, and bright paint that will make your interior appear bigger.
  • Start with small steps and details to see if you even like the metallic vibes in the bedroom, before painting your entire ceiling or covering walls with wallpapers.

The Bottom Line
7 Ideas for Decorating Bedroom With Metallics
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Interior design is a never-ending game, but sometimes people tend to underestimate the power of the design of their living environment. It is always better to try and change something than to leave it as it is for years and decades. There are no mistakes if you like the final result. Dare to use metallics and add a bit of sparkle to your bedroom.
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