Some Personal DIY Projects I Came Up With To Protect Yourself During The Current Pandemic

Brian Burns / March 21,2020

The current pandemic we’re all living through caught a lot of us by surprise.  Yeah, we heard about it coming from China, and then learned that other countries were seeing their citizens spreading it through their populations.

When it hit the United States, specifically in Washington state, we started to get the feeling that this thing is real.

That’s when the Fake News media began over-hyping it to help the Democrats beat President Trump in November.  That’s not even up for debate.  That’s what they were doing.

So, people rushed out to the stores to buy everything they thought they would need in case we were to be quarantined for a long duration.  The whole buying 200 rolls of toilet paper thing will never make sense to me, but it is what it is.

Now, we are at a point where most supermarkets have bare shelves.  This was our Wegmans supermarket last week:

Some Personal DIY Projects I Came Up With To Protect Yourself During The Current Pandemic

Some Personal DIY Projects I Came Up With To Protect Yourself During The Current Pandemic

Don’t get me wrong.  We love our Wegmans Food Market, and they usually have everything stocked to the hilt, but with the hysteria brought on by leftist news anchors and the communist Chinese propaganda machine, you get empty shelves in no time.

So we are now living in a time where you have to order things online, Amazon being one of the biggest marketplaces in the world for now, and wait for your deliveries.

The county I live in was locked down two Fridays ago, as we are the Petri dish for Pennsylvania, so we started ordering stuff from Amazon for the lockdown at that time, and being Prime members, we enjoyed the comfort of getting two-day free delivery.  Well, that comfort lasted only about two days.  Now, things are taking up to a week or longer, and it might get worse.

The big things people want to buy are the N95 (or better) masks, to be able to go out and shop in case stores have been restocked. Still, the masks are nearly impossible to get these days until manufacturers like the Haines clothing company, who has stepped up and offered to manufacture masks for people to get them during the coronavirus pandemic (we will remember their efforts after this is all over), so my Carol and I thought about some do it yourself (DIY) projects we could work on.

Before you go on, please note that I’m not a doctor, and the things I’m going to describe here could be the dumbest suggestions in the world, but to me, they make sense when times are tough, and people get desperate.

Carol is an RN, and though she has regular nursing masks, they’re no good for this pandemic.  However, I use a CPAP machine, and we thought about using old masks that, for some unknown reason, I never threw away.  Mine has straps attached, which made it easy to keep on the head.

Carol buys HEPA vacuum bags that capture 99.97% of particles, all the way down to 0.3 microns.  Pretty good.  You can find some at Amazon by clicking here.

Some Personal DIY Projects I Came Up With To Protect Yourself During The Current Pandemic

Okay, so why the vacuum bags?  Well, you can cut them out to fill over the hole in the front of the CPAP mask.  You would put the inside of the HEPA filter to face outside the mask if you want to protect yourself from the virus, and you would reverse it if you were trying to protect other people from you if, God forbid, you caught the deadly disease.

Here’s what we came up with.

Some Personal DIY Projects I Came Up With To Protect Yourself During The Current Pandemic

We thought about using plant-based adhesives to hold the HEPA filter in place that won’t hurt your skin, but as we all know, that plant-based stuff doesn’t always work well in the long run.  God forbid you’re among other people in a supermarket who may be infected, and the plant-based glue decides it’s had enough and off falls your HEPA filter.  YIKES!

Instead, we’re going to use non-porous tape, like epoxy tape or electrical tape to hold the HEPA filter cutouts onto the mask.  Just don’t use breathable tape, or you could become another victim.

If you don’t use a CPAP machine, you can still buy a full-face seal mask on Amazon by going here.  If for some reason you don’t like that one, look around and check the shipping dates.  You can look for masks that come with straps or make your own by gluing picture-hanging plastic hook nubs on the sides of the mask and use rubber bands to connect around the hooks.

Here’s a little secret that most people aren’t yet thinking about.  CPR masks are just as good as CPAP masks for this DIY venture, and they’re cheaper.  We just ordered two from Amazon, and for Prime members, these masks still have a two-day delivery time, because like I said, using CPR masks hasn’t yet been thought of by the hordes of people buying everything up, so if you want them, hurry up and buy some by clicking here.  Again, look around if you don’t like this brand, but make sure you buy a full face mask with straps. Otherwise, it’s all just an academic exercise.

Some Personal DIY Projects I Came Up With To Protect Yourself During The Current Pandemic

We also set up a decontamination area in our garage where we keep a clean set of clothes, so that we can remove the outer clothes we’ve worn when we go out to buy stuff.  We drop them in a large cardboard box and turn on a UV light enclosed in the box with the clothes and packages we just purchased.  Close the lid and keep the light on for about 10 to 15 minutes.  Turn off the light, and TADA! everything in the box is virus-free.  You can find a bulb here.  WARNING: Don’t breathe in the ozone that’s created by the bulb.  Let it dissipate by opening the box lid and walking away for a few minutes.

As an added measure we have a bucket of fresh water in our decontamination area that we put 25 drops of grapefruit seed extract (GSE) (NOT grape seed extract) into the water, and we soak our hands in it for about 20 seconds.  Sing Happy Birthday in your head twice while rubbing your hands together in the water.  Grapefruit seed extract kills a wide variety of bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi.  It can be used almost anywhere, including a few drops in the laundry.  WARNING:  Never use GSE in full strength.  Cut with water, it’s fine.  And NEVER get it in your eyes, diluted or not.  I drink five drops of GSE in an 8-ounce glass of water every day.  The best on the market, at least I think, is made by NutriBiotic, and can be found here.  Note that we still go into the house and wash our hands with soap and water.

I realize I’ve used Amazon with every product in this piece.  I’m not affiliated with Amazon in any way, just a happy Prime member, and using the same site makes it easier for people to get the things they may want to buy all in one place.

Hopefully you found our little foray into the DIY world useful.  If you don’t think they’ll work, that’s up to you, don’t use them.  Just remember that you can’t go out without a mask if you’re in an area that has people getting sick.  Because if people are getting sick in your county, that means there are more-than-likely a lot more people who are probably infected but are still asymptomatic, and they can still infect you.  Don’t take any chances until this thing goes away.

Order the real products, by all means, but if you can’t get them delivered in a timely enough manner, then DIY kits like what I’ve explained here could be useful until your masks get delivered.  And remember, only use the DIY masks when absolutely necessary.  There’s no need to use them if you have the real McCoy.

Let us know in the comments what DIY ideas you have.  I know our readers are clever people, so let’s see if we can come up with some cool things we can do, even if it’s fun stuff for the family to do while sitting at home all day.

Stay safe!



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