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Back From the Dead! Should You Repurpose Your Old Content?

  • What is Content Repurposing?
  • Why Should You Repurpose?
  • 3 Tips to Repurpose Content
  • Bottom Line
  • Create an infographic from a blog post.
  • Create a video.
  • Turn blog posts into an ebook

    Why do you think businesses keep improving their products? The answer is to keep making it completely new to the customer and make it more appealing. In doing so, the product’s market value significantly increases and the brand becomes more visible to potential new clients. 

    The same principle applies to your content. It must be updated or repurposed if you want to keep enhancing and expanding the audience reach of your business digitally.

    As a business owner, you’ve already got enough on your plate. So, to save yourself some time and work, why not use your previous material to its fullest extent possible? At first glance, recycling old content might seem like dulling your team’s creativity. However, if you have limited workforce or want to maximize your resources while hitting your marketing targets, then this is an option that could work for you.

    In this blog, we’ll discuss the reasons why you should repurpose your old content along with proven ways to repurpose them effectively. 

    Let’s get started!

Brian Burns / December 05,2022

National plan needed to improve children’s D- grade for physical activity



Researchers are calling for a National Physical Activity Plan to encourage greater levels of physical activity among Australian children following dismal results in the 2022 Active Healthy Kids Australia (AHKA) Report Card. The report card is part of a global initiative involving more than 50 countries, which report on the physical activity levels of children every two years.

In a new review, conducted by a group of universities* including the University of South Australia, researchers advise that the ongoing poor performance of children’s physical fitness is a clear sign that more must be done.

Of particular concern were the D- grades for children’s overall physical activity and screen time, which showed that 80 percent of Australian children (aged 0-18 years) were not meeting national guidelines for physical activity. Additionally, 80 percent of children were exceeding the two-hour guidelines for daily screen time.

The AHKA results indicate that Australian children are below international norms when it comes to physical activity.

UniSA researcher Dr. Verity Booth says the longstanding underperformance of children’s lack of physical activity needs to be addressed.

“When we think of Australian kids, we often picture active, healthy children. Yet the reality is far from this ideal. Instead, most Aussie kids are spending their time glued to screens and getting nowhere near enough physical activity,” Dr. Booth says.

“The lack of physical activity is not something new either. Since the inception of the AHKA Report Card in 2014, the data have consistently shown Australian children and youth to be inactive.

Brian Burns / December 03,2022

GB News sparks uproar as Dan Wootton savages Harry and Meghan

GB News sparks uproar as Dan Wootton savages Harry and Meghan
  • Prince Harry has turned into an 'unpleasant person' says Levin
  • Prince Harry has turned into an 'unpleasant person' says Levin

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    Dan Wootton and his guest Angela Levin ripped into Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during the latest instalment of his GB News programme. Dan claimed the couple “clearly hate” the monarchy and Angela alleged Meghan “has brought out the worst in” Harry. Their claims, which come days before the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Netflix series lands on the streaming giant, did not sit well with viewers who lashed out at the broadcaster and author’s remarks on social media. 

    Dan claimed on Monday’s show Harry and Meghan’s series will “rock the Royal Family within days” as he asked Angela if King Charles III should strip them of their royal titles. 

    Angela, who wrote the book Diana’s Babies, replied: “It’s very complicated. They can get rid of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex but it’s very hard, if not impossible to get rid of Prince Harry. 

    “He was born a prince and you can’t actually take that away.” 

    She claimed his father, the King, “must be absolutely destroyed” by the upcoming docu-series which gets released on Thursday. 


    GB News sparks uproar as Dan Wootton savages Harry and Meghan


Brian Burns / December 03,2022

Billie Faiers shares adorable new picture with baby girl days after giving birth | The Sun

Brian Burns / November 25,2022

Why are some of Southern California’s finest properties empty? – Los Angeles Times


Over the last century, Southern California has seen its rich, jagged landscape jam-packed with houses wherever they can fit.
Homes hang from the sides of canyons with cantilevered pools suspended midair. Bungalows squeeze onto beaches within inches of their neighbors. ADUs pop up in front yards and backyards, built on-site or dropped in by cranes.
So why are some of the region’s most prime properties — oceanfront lots on Malibu’s best beaches, mountaintop acres overlooking the city — left completely empty?
Spoiler alert: It’s not because their owners are interested in the sanctity of vacant land and preserving California’s hills and beaches by leaving them untouched.
Per usual with the luxury real estate scene, it’s the vagaries of the rich, where the answer can be both vastly complicated or stunningly simple: a mix of greed, overabundance, desire for privacy and sometimes, simply having better things to do than worry about building a colossal house.
There are still plenty of vacant lots left in Southern California. According to Redfin, there are 3,497 residential pieces of land currently on the market in L.A. County, and their values vary wildly based on location.

Brian Burns / November 25,2022

WhatsApp rolls out a feature that makes it easier to message yourself


WhatsApp has started rolling out a feature to let you chat with yourself. Sending messages to your own account can be a way to keep a piece of information easily accessible, right next to your other WhatsApp conversations.

Called ‘Message Yourself’, the feature lets users send notes, reminders and shopping lists to themselves on WhatsApp.

On Monday, the Meta-owned instant messaging app announced the rollout of the new messaging feature that will reach all its Android and iPhone users in the coming weeks. It was initially tested with some beta testers, WhatsApp beta tracker WABetaInfo reported in late October. The company has confirmed to TechCrunch that the feature has begun rolling out globally.

Users will see their contact at the top of the contacts list on WhatsApp when they create a new chat. Tapping that contact will take them to the chat screen they can use to send messages to themselves.

Although the native feature to message yourself is new on WhatsApp, some users have already been using a workaround for some time. You could already send messages to yourself using the app’s ‘click to chat’ feature. Nonetheless, the new offering removes the additional steps that users needed to self-chat using the URL.

Users can also pin their self-chat messages to the top of the conversation list if they don’t want to search them in their widely polluted chats list.

Brian Burns / November 25,2022

Candy Potato Cheddar Pierogi with Bacon Bits.

Candy Potato Cheddar Pierogi with Bacon Bits.
  • Candy Potato Cheddar Pierogi with Bacon Bits
  • Listed here are particulars
  • My do-it-yourself Candy Potato Cheddar Pierogi with Bacon Bits are the proper meal to make with household and pals. Easy candy potato-filled Pierogi dumplings blended with cheddar cheese and tossed in a nutty, buttery pan sauce. Then topped with crispy do-it-yourself bacon bits. Each Pierogi is tacky, buttery, stuffed with creamy candy potatoes, layered with scrumptious sauce, and topped with salty crisp bacon. These are particularly scrumptious on chilly winter nights.

    Sure, I like love love pierogi, and at this level most likely have too many potato pierogi recipes on this website. However whereas I’ve all the time liked traditional potato pierogi, I didn’t all the time love candy potato pierogi.

    For the longest time, I thought of swapping candy potatoes instead of potatoes, however the concept simply by no means sat nicely with me. I like a great potato pierogi an excessive amount of. However lastly, when engaged on the HBH Each Day e-book, I made my first candy potato pierogi. I liked the dish a lot that it grew to become the quilt recipe. And now I LOVE utilizing candy potatoes as my pierogi filling.

    The thought for these got here in a humorous approach. My dad and I have been randomly speaking about consuming potato skins when my brothers and I have been rising up. He’d usually make tacky potato skins and prime them with these bacon bits that got here in a shaker jar from the shop.

    Scary to suppose we used to eat that stuff!! Particularly when do-it-yourself bacon bits are really easy!

Brian Burns / November 16,2022

What Has Changed Recently With ?

What Has Changed Recently With ?

What Has Changed Recently With ?How to Choose Professional Air Conditioning Contractors

Whether you own property or live in a certain place, you will have to do some home ac repair work at some point. When you encounter an issue that requires air conditioner service, you have to be careful about the kind of hvac contractor that you call for help. You would be surprised at how many people call themselves hvac installation experts when all they have is access to a toolbox and rudimentary ability to fix a few home systems. In that case, you should equip yourself on the things to take into account when selecting air conditioner repair professionals for a project in your home. Read on to discover the vital aspects to take into account when selecting heating and cooling repair companies.

Before you start the search for a professional who can help, you need to define your hvac problem. If you are installing new hvac systems to a new building, it will be vital to go through the selections of products in the market to determine the perfect fit for your needs. It will be vital to have a list of the hvac needs that you want to work on for you to make reliable decisions. Find the right hvac contractors through recommendations.You will need to reach out to the people in the know to find out what they can help you to achieve. Talk to the people in your close social circles about where they obtain their air conditioning services and take note of the recommendations that they will provide.

Brian Burns / November 16,2022

Defining Our Terms: Peace and Freedom


A simple question: Vladimir Putin, Tucker Carlson, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Tulsi Gabbard, Candace Owens, Donald Trump, Jordan Peterson, Russell Brand, Nick Fuentes, Belarus, North Korea, Nicaragua, Syria — does this list embody the alliance for peace and freedom today? If it does, then I oppose peace and freedom with every fiber of my being, and wish to go to my grave as the most consistent and vehement opponent of peace and freedom that you could possibly imagine. For in this new world of language, peace means pacification of populations to appease dictators, and freedom means license to demand whatever one likes from one’s neighbors, and to force them at gunpoint or bomb blast to obey one’s demands. 

The grassroots of the American Republican Party, elected and unelected, along with its global alt-right wrecking crew, has all but declared itself the party of Putin’s global outreach, from Trump’s open support for and acquiescence to his master and hero Uncle Vlad while president, to the continuing moral and rhetorical (and soon financial and political) support for Putin’s unjustifiable war of aggression in Ukraine coming from Trump’s monkeys in the “conservative media” and the newly elected Republican House of Representatives.

Brian Burns / November 14,2022

Best webcams for streaming in 2022


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