Brian Burns / November 16,2022

Defining Our Terms: Peace and Freedom


A simple question: Vladimir Putin, Tucker Carlson, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Tulsi Gabbard, Candace Owens, Donald Trump, Jordan Peterson, Russell Brand, Nick Fuentes, Belarus, North Korea, Nicaragua, Syria — does this list embody the alliance for peace and freedom today? If it does, then I oppose peace and freedom with every fiber of my being, and wish to go to my grave as the most consistent and vehement opponent of peace and freedom that you could possibly imagine. For in this new world of language, peace means pacification of populations to appease dictators, and freedom means license to demand whatever one likes from one’s neighbors, and to force them at gunpoint or bomb blast to obey one’s demands. The grassroots of the American Republican Party, elected and unelected, along with its global alt-right wrecking crew, has all but declared itself the party of Putin’s global outreach, from Trump’s open support for and acquiescence to his master and hero Uncle Vlad while president, to the continuing moral and rhetorical (and soon financial and political) support for Putin’s unjustifiable war of aggression in Ukraine coming from Trump’s monkeys in the “conservative media” and the newly elected Republican House of Representatives.And then there are all the cowards desperate for fame, acceptance, or “influence” (i.e., mindless followers) who have allowed their own reason, such as it was, to be occupied by Putin’s forces (including those listed in my opening question), from whom we get hemming and hawing, as though the issue were unclear. Elon Musk needs the alt-right for his Twitter investment, so he pulls back on his early support for Ukraine and calls for a “peace plan” that amounts to abject Ukrainian surrender.

Brian Burns / November 14,2022

Best webcams for streaming in 2022

  • How we selected the best webcams for streaming
  • What to consider when buying the best webcam for streaming
  • FAQs
  • Final thoughts on the best webcams for streaming
  • Best overall: Logitech StreamCam
  • Best for pros: Elgato Facecam
  • Best with pro audio: Poly Studio P15 Personal Video Bar
  • Best with ring light: Razer Kiyo
  • Best budget: Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam
  • Best adjustable field-of-view: Anker PowerConf C300
  • Best 4K: Logitech Brio
  • Resolution and framerate
  • Do I need 4K for streaming?
  • Audio
  • Software compatibility
  • Q: What resolution webcam do I need?
  • Q: Are webcams better than laptop cameras?
  • Q: What about those cheap webcams on Amazon or eBay?

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    Updated Nov 16, 2022 11:11 PM

    Image is everything … especially when you’re about to start a livestream. Sharp, vibrant image quality can make or break your content, whether you’re broadcasting live or recording for VOD (video-on-demand) content, using one of the best webcams can make you look like a consummate professional or a rank amateur. Logitech, master manufacturer of all things office tech, has an unsurprising hold on the webcam market, including options for streaming and content creation. However, with more and more manufacturers getting into streaming gear, the landscape is changing.

Brian Burns / November 13,2022

Hydrogen Production Criteria – EQ Mag

  • The Technical and Industry Working Groups (TWG and IWG)
  • Criteria: The Hydrogen Criteria lay out the requirements for Hydrogen production projects to be eligible for inclusion in a Certified Climate Bond and for companies on a credible transition path to issue transition labelled debt.Bonds and loans linked to these eligible assets and projects will be aligned with the Paris Agreement 1.5ºC limit.Why develop eligibility Criteria for hydrogen investments?Hydrogen is experiencing unprecedented momentum as a sustainable fuel and feedstock, offering a huge opportunity to replace fossil resources and contribute to the decarbonisation of the economy. Hydrogen production requires high amounts of energy. Most of its production today is based on the cheapest alternatives: natural gas steam reforming and coal gasification. These production pathways have a high carbon footprint, hence making hydrogen production more sustainable is essential to contribute to decarbonisation of the economyStandards and certification mechanisms will play an essential role in the hydrogen market evolution. Establishing global criteria will foster a level playing field and offer more confidence to investors. Promoting green investments across the whole hydrogen value chain will be essential to develop the hydrogen market.The Hydrogen Production CriteriaThe criteria involve two main components: the mitigation and the adaptation criteria.The mitigation component includes criteria for:

Brian Burns / November 09,2022

What is it like matchmaking a Haitian woman?

  • Multiple Ideas to help you Appeal Haitian Lady
  • Marrying a pleasant Haitian Lady

    • French colonization of your urban area. You will be able, and it is things remains secured from the viewpoint away from Haitians. With the count, it absolutely was the original country populated because of the independent blacks.
    • Haitian Creole. If you were hoping to be able to chat impressive French having the fresh new natives, you may effortlessly fall apart. You can easily know its technique for talking French are a handful of unique. Although not, can you should communicate with the as the password. Thus you should never criticize this topic.
    • Contrast the condition of the tree to this of your own Dominican Republic. You’ve got most likely seen a keen aerial graph marking this new edging between the two urban centers because of deforestation. This can be a cumbersome process of of numerous islanders, thus end bringing-right up this topic.
    • Talk about the impoverishment of them. It is some thing everyone is a little ashamed regarding. Therefore make your best effort not to ever speak about this topic of when you look at the the talk.

    It can be an extremely fulfilling experience relationship good Haitian lady. They are noted for getting close, loving, and you may loyal someone. Most females in addition to is actually household members-founded, so you’re able to expect you’ll be requested toward the lady friends that have discover fingers. There is particular societal variations to browse, although not, complete, relationship a good Haitian lady is going to be an abundant and you can rewarding experience.

Brian Burns / November 09,2022

10 Guidance on Dating A good Ukrainian Lady

  • 1. Planning a night out together that have an effective Ukrainian females? Understand as high as you might in the Ukrainian culture
  • dos. Feel sincere and gentlemanly towards your Ukrainian ladies- she will enjoy it
  • step three. Feel daring to display your own dedication publicly – Ukrainians are extremely touchy-feely someone
  • 4. If you intend to brand your own Ukrainian precious, know how to get ready the the lady favorite food
  •  When you find yourself considering delivering a Ukrainian lady into the a date, there is a list of resources you need to know concerning Ukraine matchmaking on the web. Earliest, beauties out-of Ukraine would be very pleasant and beautiful individuals to be around. But, like any girl, they likewise have the quirks and you may characteristics that you might want to understand before getting too serious for the Ukraine dating internet sites.If you are looking to possess a lady that will be around to you personally, take a look at good Ukrainian women. Here are 10 ideas to direct you towards navigating the brand new waters whenever which have a romantic date having a woman off Kyiv.

Brian Burns / November 08,2022

Practical Strategies for Caring for a Parent With Dementia

  • How Can I Provide Better Alzheimer’s Care?
  • Can In-Home Care Help Someone With Dementia?
  •  Caring for a parent with dementia can feel as frustrating as trying to wrap your mind around quantum physics. It involves attempting to make sense of what appears nonsensical, and responding in ways that seem illogical to everything you’ve thought until now. Yet with some basic strategies in your Alzheimer’s care toolbox, you can feel more self-assured and effective in your role, and help the individual you love feel content, understood, and accepted.

    How Can I Provide Better Alzheimer’s Care?

    Focusing on these strategies from our experienced Johnston home health care providers is an excellent starting place to get over some of the typical obstacles to providing the best dementia care.

Brian Burns / November 08,2022

The reasons why you’lso are a tiny Afraid of Dating (and ways to Dump one to Anxiety)

  • Surprisingly, the women exactly who look for my personal let fall into among three dating categories:
  • Lori ran for this, fear end up being damned.
  •  Are you just a little (otherwise a lot) scared of relationships? Or out of actually getting into a love? You’re not alone!I’ve been helping people over forty find romantic, person like since i have turned a first-date bride to be from inside the 2006. When these wise, separate, done ladies started to me personally getting assistance, nearly one hundred% accept they are afraid of matchmaking.(That is once they refute for many they have one anxiety. It’s difficult in order to acknowledge. I understand it was for my italian chat room without registration situation.)

Brian Burns / November 01,2022

Let Them In: The Secret to Making Friendships That Last

  • After I got married, I didn’t feel quite so compelled to pin myself down to a group of women.
  • There is the element of enjoying each other, of course.
  • It’s part of letting others into your life fully. A real living, breathing life in all of its rage and glory.
  • I let them and I let them and I let them.
  • I was never one of those women with a throng of long-standing girlfriends. You know the ones I mean. The type who vacation together. Who have annual holiday traditions or progressive dinners. Who have been through most of life together because maybe they all grew up in the same town or went to high school in the same place. And no, this isn’t some cool girl narrative I’m winding my way toward because I always thought my lack of a decades-old, female friend group was some type of personal failing.I was envious of those groups. I watched them closely, from a distance, wondering what was wrong with me. Sure, I’d had friends in grade school but my family moved a couple of times, creating distance from girls I’d bonded with as I pivoted to the next set of faces.I bonded with college roommates, but after we threw our caps in the air, tucked our diplomas under our arms, and drove away from campus, something called life started happening. We still chat and text. We’ve made a handful of trips over the last 15 or so years to visit one another in various states across the country. But why wasn’t I able to maintain deep connections with the groups of women who zigged and zagged across the pathways of my life?

Brian Burns / November 01,2022

As a service to our customers we are providing this early version of the manuscript


As a service to our customers we are providing this early version of the manuscript. additional advance for addressing latent viral reservoirs.3 A continuing challenge for developing NNRTIs is achievement of activity against clinically relevant viral variants that incorporate single and multiple mutations in the reverse transcriptase enzyme (HIV-RT). A particularly troublesome mutation has been Tyr181Cys (Y181C), which often occurs quickly in patients who begin NNRTI therapy.4 The first generation drugs, nevirapine and delavirdine, are inactive towards HIV-1 strains with this mutation, and the second-generation efavirenz is debilitated by Y181C when combined with Lys103Asn.1,4 In contrast, the most recent introductions, etravirine and rilpivirine, show sub-10 nM potency in cell assays towards these variants and many others.5 In our own work, several new classes of NNRTIs have been explored.6C9 The Y181C variant has always been problematic and it has required deliberate efforts to overcome. One solution involved reduction of contact of the inhibitors with Tyr181,8 while another required advantage of a crystal structure with an alternative orientation of Tyr181.9 A third approach was to enhance interactions in a distal region of the NNRTI binding site that might yield general benefits for activity.7c Specifically, 1a (R = X = H) has an EC50 of 13 nM towards wild-type HIV-1, but shows no activity towards a Y181C-containing strain. The X = Cl analog 1b fares only a little better with EC50s of 6 nM for the WT computer virus and 420 nM for the Y181C variant.7b A remedy was sought by extending the inhibitors to the east to occupy a channel between Phe227 and Pro236.

Brian Burns / November 01,2022

When Did I Become Such an Angry Mom?

  • When did I become such an angry person?
  • For example, red-hot boiling rage.
  • I can do nothing for them apart from Him.
  • My oldest children and I had just navigated a tabletop board game. My son lost. My daughter won. I also lost. She’s four. For the record, I was trying my best. We were all putting the game away together when my son grabbed my daughter by the face and yelled, “IT DOESN’T MATTER ANYWAY BECAUSE YOUR BREATH STINKS!”And then, Mount St. Meredith erupted.I (not so gently) removed him from the situation and (not so calmly) insisted that he . . . brush his own teeth.Yep.For the record, I was trying my best.

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    Five minutes later, both of us were standing in the bathroom brushing our teeth rather aggressively, staring at each other in the mirror. I was thinking to myself . . .


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