Can Big Eyes Coin Become as Big As Solana and Polygon As It Launches?

Brian Burns / January 10,2023
Can Big Eyes Coin Become as Big As Solana and Polygon As It Launches?
  • Solana (SOL) Shining On The Community
  • Polygon (MATIC) Securing Your Transactions At Speed
  • Big Eyes Coin (BIG) Arrives Ready To Launch!
  • Solana and Polygon are two popular cryptocurrencies that have gained much attention recently due to their impressive performance. There has been speculation about whether other cryptocurrencies, such as Big Eyes Coin, can achieve similar success and reach the same level of adoption and market value as Solana and Polygon. In this article, we will explore the potential for Big Eyes to become as successful as these two cryptocurrencies. 

    Solana (SOL) Shining On The Community

    Solana is a decentralized, open-source blockchain platform that supports high scalability and low transaction fees. It was created in 2017 by the Solana Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on building and promoting the Solana network.Solana uses Proof of History (PoH) combined with delegated Proof of Stake to process transactions faster. Its primary aim is to become an Ethereum killer. If you don’t know, Ethereum has suffered from scalability issues due to its slow transactions per second (tps). With Solana’s technology, it can process about 30,000 tps as compared to 13 for Ethereum and 9 for Bitcoin.Solana has also implemented several other features that make it attractive to developers and users, including support for smart contracts, decentralized applications (DApps), and tokenization. Little wonder there are games, DeFi protocols, and decentralized marketplaces running on Solana. It is also mainly known for its NFTs.

    Polygon (MATIC) Securing Your Transactions At Speed

    Polygon is a decentralized, open-source blockchain platform that aims to provide fast, cheap, and secure transactions for developers and users. It is designed to be a layer 2 scaling solution that sits on top of existing blockchain networks, such as Ethereum, and provides an additional layer of scalability and functionality.Polygon has a high transaction throughput, which allows it to process many transactions per second at a low cost. This is achieved by using a novel consensus algorithm called Plasma, which will enable Polygon to validate transactions without the need for a central authority.  Polygon also supports smart contracts, decentralized applications (DApps), and tokenization, which makes it a versatile platform that can be used for a wide range of applications, including decentralized finance (DeFi), gaming, and social media. Polygon has maintained a high level of value and adoption due to its robust technology, the active development community, and the growing ecosystem of projects and applications built on the platform. Recently, we have seen the likes of Stripe, Instagram, Prade, and Adidas launch on the network.

    Big Eyes Coin (BIG) Arrives Ready To Launch!

    Big Eyes is a relatively new meme coin set to disrupt the norms of the meme coin category. Its primary aim is to create an NFT community, build a safe crypto cathouse for cat fans and make a change in the world.Unlike other meme coins, creating utility in the decentralized finance category, Big Eyes is targeting the NFT space. As a cute cat, it leverages its appealing aesthetic to win over NFT lovers. If you are unaware, aesthetically appealing NFTs get the most demand as JPEGs. So, Big Eyes wants to create the most beautiful NFT collection.In addition to creating a beautiful NFT collection, it also created a closed NFT club that can be accessed with an NFT pass. Being part of this club allows members to purchase amazing cat-themed NFTs at a reasonable price. They also get to receive rewards as an NFT holder. 50% of tax generated on NFT sales will go to the other NFT holders.Big Eyes is also helping create a saner climate through its donations to charity. It believes that change requires a collaborative effort, and its own part will be to give to charity firms. To make these donations, Big Eyes has set apart a charity wallet with 5% of its total tokens.The hot off the press latest in Big Eyes News is…Big Eyes Coin will launch immediately if 12 MILLION is raised by the end of January.In order to bring the launch ahead, use code LAUNCHBIGEYES200 to receive a HUGE 200% BONUS bringing our launch closer!By using the code, you will be getting a 200% bonus on your purchase! To clarify further,  when you purchase 10$ worth of Big Eyes using the code  LAUNCHBIGEYES200 it will show as 30$ (200% bonus) on the buy page. If we do not reach 12 million by the end of January, we will continue the pre-sale as normal (The code is active until Feb 3 23:59 UTC +0).IF everyone doubles their previous purchases Big Eyes will launch INSTANTLY!Once the bar hits 51 MILLION – BIG EYES WILL LAUNCHAdditionally, we will be awarding the 5 highest purchases with a 100% bonus and EVERY DAY 5 random purchases will receive a 50% bonus! Winners will be picked EVERY DAY and announced at 4 pm UTC+0.