Invest Rs 1358 per Month and Get Rs 25 Lakh with This LIC Life Insurance Scheme

Brian Burns / December 17,2022
  • LIC Jeevan Anand: Get Minimum Rs. 1 Lakh
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    In LIC Jeevan Anand, the minimum amount assured is Rs. 100,000 and the maximum amount is unlimited.

    Life Insurance Corporation (LIC), India’s largest insurance company provides several schemes to its customers. Its slogan, “Zindagi Ke Saath bhi, Zindagi ke baad bhi,” is suitable because purchasing LIC policies will provide a return on investment and life insurance to our family members even after our death. 

    LIC consistently announces new policies for the benefit of its customers. One of the most well-liked policies is the LIC Jeevan Anand Policy, which we will discuss with you today. You can save thousands of rupees by using this policy. The key points of the policy are listed below.

    For those who desire to keep their money invested for several years, there is LIC Jeevan Anand. It is an extended savings strategy. This policy must be chosen by those who desire to save for retirement. People who don’t need the money right away would be in more profit. The best thing about this scheme is that benefits of the coverage last longer than the lock-in period.

    Investors in the LIC Jeevan Anand Policy receive a bonus. If the policyholder passes away, his beneficiary will receive a 125 percent death benefit

    LIC Jeevan Anand: Get Minimum Rs. 1 Lakh

    In LIC Jeevan Anand, the minimum amount assured is Rs. 100,000. The maximum amount is unlimited. To receive the promised Rs. 25 lakh cash, invest the following amount. Every day, you must invest Rs 45. The monthly equivalent of this sum is Rs 1358. The required time frame for the sum should be 35 years. This signifies that the policy should be kept for a specified number of years. The investor will receive Rs 25 lakh upon maturity, which takes 35 years.
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