Popular Money Advice That Just Ain’t Right – Episode 593

Brian Burns / November 13,2022

Searing your steak as a way to ‘lock in the juices’ is something we’ve heard folks recommend for years! Get that grill hot as blazes, toss on your steak, and reap the juicy medium-rare rewards. But even though there might be a kernel of truth here, culinary scientists tell us that it’s not actually the best method. It turns out that the reverse sear is the better way to do it! Similarly, there are phrases and ideas in the personal finance space that get preached as though they’re the gospel truth. And there are a number of reasons why certain bits of advice stick with us- maybe it intuitively makes sense or perhaps it’s packaged well and is just flat-out catchy. We’re all looking for guidance and shortcuts but that doesn’t necessarily mean that these sayings are sage advice. So today we call out some of the biggest culprits on the show and share how you should be thinking about your money.

Additional links:

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  • Investing – If you’re not already investing in tax advantaged accounts, listen to why we think you should start with the beautiful Roth IRA.
  • Credit Card Tool – Looking for the right credit card for you? Then check out our new credit card tool that’ll help you to easily filter through all the cards based on your preferred airline, whether or not they have an annual fee, or simply by the cash back offer! Just toggle the sliders and you’ll know which card to consider.
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