Hair Care Sets for Christmas Gifts

Brian Burns / December 05,2022
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    Gosh, I can’t tell you how luxurious this beautiful Oribe set is! And the box is stunning – I would not be able to throw that in recycling – it’s illustrated by Japanese artist Kohei Kyomori. The set is £100 HERE – I said it was luxury! I’ve used Oribe in the past and it’s genuinely next level hair care. They use a complex called bio-restorative that helps to strengthen the hair so it would make a difference over time to over-processed hair or hair that can be brittle and weak. I would eke out every precious drop of both the shampoo and conditioner – I’m confident that you will see a difference in shine and bounce and it’s certainly the most luxurious hair care I’ve ever used. I think with luxury you really need to know there’s something different and better about it. I’d never spend £100 on my regular shampoos and conditioners but for the treat of all treats, I’m in. It’s testament to Oribe that I haven’t used the brand for at least five years (that I can think of) and yet I can still remember the results. I’ve linked to SpaceNK because you also get a free ‘Bright Blond’ set with a purchase of £75 or more.

    It’s testament to tenacity and conviction that I’ve been won over by Living Proof. I started off saying I wasn’t at all interested in receiving samples to eventually deciding I would give a couple of products a go. Now, I’m really pleased if samples arrive, I’ve got my mum the Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo HERE which is the best in the business in my view for her Christmas stocking and I swear by Triple Detox Shampoo HERE for the cleanest hair you’ve ever had. In my box of products to try is the Triple Bond Complex which I haven’t quite got to yet. I’ve found this set, which is best for hair that needs a bit of oomph for £38 HERE (reduced from £48 and containing £74 value).

    I haven’t used the Thickening Cream but am sure that if volume is what you seek, you will find!

    Paul Mitchell hair care has been in my sightline for many years but I realised that I don’t actually know anything about the brand. The company was founded in 1980 by friends John Paul DeJoria and Paul Mitchell, initially for affordable use in salons. The company began with just $700 to its name! Now, it’s a whole different story – they have nine separate brands to their name, have never sold onwards to a corporation, and service both the professional industry (with schools and education) and consumer. This set contains the original shampoo, Awapuhi – where it all started – that uses a ginger family based extract from Hawaii to cleanse and provide antioxidant protection. It’s very much worth having a look at the video showing the extraction HERE. It also contains a Detangler and Sculpting Foam (which I am going nowhere near! I can’t be trusted with this!). I’ve found it at various prices across the internet so I suggest you Google for the best deal but if you go to Sally Beauty HERE, it’s £40.60. This set is a suit-all really. I should say that the bottles are enormous – 300ml.

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