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EV charging infrastructure – what’s the future? – EQ Mag

  • Host of new players
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  • Road designers, construction companies and concessionaire firms will increasingly need answers about electric vehicle charging infrastructure and a new website is there to help – EV Charging and Infrastructure follows the latest developments, technology and regulations.

    How will the development of electric vehicle charging infrastructure affect road design and, equally importantly, road use? Will road design, construction and concession companies be responsible for laying out charging infrastructure? And just who will pay for it all?

    ROPL’s editors are all recognised experts whose writing is widely trusted and who are regularly invited to moderate at leading industry conferences. Liam McLoughlin*, managing editor of EVC&I, is among them and he brings 30 years of journalistic experience to job. “There are a lot of publications that report on EVs and cover the charging issue as part of that but none that are specifically dedicated to the topic of EV charging and infrastructure,” he says.

    Host of new players

    What makes EVC&I a relevant read also for readers of World Highways is that it is a rapidly evolving area that will undoubtedly touch on the core issues of concern for the road design and construction sector. “A host of players are vying for a stake in the sector – traditional fuel companies, energy utilities, car manufacturers, electronics giants, tech start-ups. The list goes on,” he explains.

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How To Quickly Recover SQL Databases

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McLaren Has Outdone Itself With Its New 675LT Spider

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Alibaba Cloud Showcases Wuying Cloudbook at Apsara Conference


Manila, Philippines. November 2, 2022 – Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group, will be showcasing the new additions to its cloud computer offering at its Apsara Conference. The Wuying Cloudbook, empowered by Wuying Architecture, is designed to provide enterprises with unlimited computing power while helping them enhance data security, improve cost efficiency and facilitate collaboration in increasingly diverse hybrid office settings. 

Drawing on the high levels of security, scalability and compatibility that characterize the cloud, the Wuying Cloudbook allows users to fully leverage the power of cloud computing while minimizing the workload for local devices. Users can scale computing power and storage up or down to meet their demands as and when they need, getting rid of the capacity restrictions of running large-scale software, such as video-rendering software, and enjoying a real-time interactive experience with low latency and high-quality images.

Wuying Cloudbook supports secure storage and transmission of massive volumes of organizational resources by centralizing and managing them in the cloud. It overcomes typical security challenges in enterprise environments, such as data loss and local device vulnerabilities, while allowing users to access organizational resources at any time, anywhere.

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7 Tips for choosing the best portable solar panel

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5 Amazing Reasons why .NET is perfect for E-commerce development


In this advanced technological world, eCommerce has become the trend as more and more Internet users prefer shopping online over conventional shopping methods. These eCommerce websites offer customers an easy way to purchase products they need anytime anywhere. 

According to a recent study by Statista, online retail sales were $4.9 trillion globally. Parallelly, mobile eCommerce is also growing at a flash speed. Another study shows that in 2021, $3.56 trillion in retail eCommerce sales were made from mobile users. 

On the other hand, eCommerce has significant benefits for enterprises too that are seeking expansion of their customer base. Businesses can now attract a large volume audience on the internet with minimum investment when they hire ASP .Net developers for eCommerce development solutions. 

As we all know that security is the primary concern with eCommerce as there are chances of information getting leaked or piggybacking in online payments, and so on. Therefore, .Net development is the ultimate solution to offer customers to shop online without security threats.

The reason .Net is a jack of all trades for eCommerce website development is due to its comprehensive characteristics, mechanisms for managing data integrity, and continuously upgrading architecture with advancing technology. 

In addition, if you hire a .Net developer instead of an in-house team for your next eCommerce development can save a significant amount for being ready to influence the online industry. Let us understand why entrepreneurs should choose .Net for their next eCommerce project. 

5 Amazing Reasons why .NET is perfect for an E-commerce development

1. Open-source:

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5 Ways to Update Your Outdoor Lighting

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What Are The Features Of LED Headlight Bulbs?

  • How do LED headlights improve your driving experience?
  • Bulbs have been around since Thomas Edison invented the first one in 1879. They were used for light and for decoration. Today’s technology is much more advanced and efficient. This has led to the development of LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs. LED lights are more efficient, they are longer lasting and they are brighter than their predecessors. The LED headlights are actually made from a different material than Halogen bulbs. They are made from a material called Gallium Nitride. Gallium Nitride is a compound that is used to create semiconductors, transistors, and diodes. 

    They have a higher thermal conductivity and a higher melting point than the compound used in Halogen bulbs. The materials used in the LED headlights are known to be more durable and can withstand high temperatures. These features are what make LED headlight bulbs for cars & trucks so much better than their halogen counterparts. One of the biggest reasons for this is the lifespan of LED headlights. These bulbs can last for up to 10,000 hours, which is up to five years longer than the most common halogen bulbs. Bulbs that last longer mean you’ll have to change them less, saving you both time and money.

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What Is A Hard Fork?

Brian Burns / October 19,2022

What Does Cardano Solve



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