The Best Tech Toys for Children

Brian Burns / March 31,2022
The Best Tech Toys for Children

Searching for the perfect tech toys for kids can be more daunting than it looks. The market is filled with options that are way too overpriced or just end up in trash. Smartphones and tablets are very obvious options but they are not very quirky and interesting. So how can we find the technology that will not only make you curious but also help the children build their skills in their own way? Read on to find out the solution. You will be tempted to become a kid again, just to get your hands on these.
1. LittleBits Electronics Gizmos and Gadgets Kit
For kids above eight years old who love to build their own machines, this is the gift they dream of. Help them unlock their potential to be the next Elon Musk with the kit. There has been an increase in tech gadgets that are dedicated to kids, but very few of them are actually that solicitous and ingenious. This kit contains fifteen electronic building blocks. It has thorough instructions for twelve projects that are in a newspaper- style guide. Even impatient kids would give it their undivided attention as they go through the pictures on the guide as they illustrate exactly how to put the components together.
Being as multi- tasking as this is, it develops the skills of the children in science, mathematics, art and technology. The best part is that the possibilities do not end there at twelve creations. The newspaper guide provides tips on how to use it for general technology with little tweaks or just make some changes in the projects. Any child can make the different gadgets after following the simple instructions given in the guide.The Best Tech Toys for Children
2. Meccano MeccaNoid G15 KS Personal Robot The Best Tech Toys for Children
Do you know a kid who does not love to build a 4- foot tall robot that has voice recognition and is capable of following instructions? Me neither. It has 1233 parts, an AC/ DC charger, 1 MeccaBrain, 2 hand tools, 1 LED module ,2 rear wheel assembly 8 servos, , and a gear assembly with 10 motors to present you with life- like movements to its arms, head and feet. It has LIM technology so you can just move its limbs and if you say something, the MeccaNoid records anything that you are doing and repeats that back to you.
It does take a long time to build, but you can move on to make dinosaurs or anything of your fancy after you have built the robot and got bored of it. After building the frame and connecting the batteries, the MeccaBrain will guide you through connecting its motors. You can either connect your Android or iOS app with it or edify the MeccaNoid through direct manipulation. However, it is easier with the direct approach. It has various voice commands that it can follow, and was awarded the 2016 Innovative Toy of the Year. It is a personal robot that can become your child’s toy best friend.The Best Tech Toys for Children
3. Osmo Starter Kit
The Best Tech Toys for Children
Are you worried about the never ending amount of time that your child spends on an iPad? Osmo can remedy that. It comes in two packs- the starter kit which costs $80 or the genius kit which is for $100. It is an iPad accessory that has a stand, a camera attachment and some specifically designed games that improve learning and creativity. The kit contains a white plastic base that holds your iPad in portrait orientation, a red reflector that goes over the camera and helps your iPad camera to track the area in front of the stand.
Additionally, you get four game packs- Tangram, Words, Newton and Masterpiece. The Numbers game is available in the Genius kit that can be brought separately and added later. Tangram is a game for arranging pieces in a shape that appears on screen. Words is a word guessing game, like Hangman, but the kids can either choose their topics or solve pre- programmed ones. Newton is a physics- based puzzle game where you have to provide pen and paper for the kid.
Same goes for Masterpiece but it is a game that challenges your little artist’s skills. It is essentially a tracing game where the shape is displayed on the paper from the screen. Osmo is a game designed to keep both groups and children in mind so that they can either work alone or with guidance from you.The Best Tech Toys for Children

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