Bosch EasyPump in review – Inflate your tires without the effort?

Brian Burns / November 22,2022
Bosch EasyPump in review – Inflate your tires without the effort?
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  • Modern ebikes offer the latest tech, so it makes sense for your workshop tools to be updated with the same features. With the EasyPump, Bosch introduce a compact electric pump to their range. Can it replace a classic track pump and does it have enough power to fit a tubeless tire? NEW: Before we get into the recapitulation, we would like to tell you about our latest print version. The E-MOUNTAINBIKE Print Edition 2022 is our fifth annual edition and the ultimate guide in your search for the perfective eMTB. Spread over 270 pages of high-quality print, we offer you a comprehensive examination buyer ’ south guide, reviews and details of 27 bikes. We besides provide a bunch of specialist cognition, behind the scenes information and a report on the hottest trends – all of this is wrapped in a high quality mark format. Click hera for more information or order it directly in our shop !

    According to Bosch, their compact EasyPump compressor international relations and security network ’ t only desirable for filling balloons and balls but can besides faithfully balloon car and bicycle tires up to a pressure of 10.3 bar. available for € 69.99, versatile adapters are cleverly stowed in the specially designed handle. That includes a Presta valve adapter, a ball phonograph needle and a balloon attachment – everything you need for a post-ride party ! Thanks to the USB association, the EasyPump can besides be charged on the fit. The battery grade can be checked via the LCD, which besides shows the current and target pressure, providing a commodity overview. An lead workplace light can be activated via the computer keyboard. The EasyPump allows you to set the desire prey blackmail, at which point it switches off mechanically. The EasyPump has a claimed flow rate of 10 L/min and while this might sound like a fortune, it is actually very slowly. It takes a wholly 2 minutes for the Bosch EasyPump to inflate a distinctive 29″ bore to 1.8 bar. even a standard floor pump is faster. fortunately, the automatic rifle closure frees you up to do other things while it reaches the craved atmospheric pressure. You can already guess the answer to the question of whether you can fit a tubeless bore with the EasyPump. Seating a tubeless tire requires a rapid inflow of air travel, meaning the cordless Bosch pump is reserved for adjusting the pressure or topping up air once the tire is fitted. The EasyPump allows you to fill around 8 tires on a wax charge.

    Reading: Bosch EasyPump in review – Inflate your tires without the effort?

    about all bikes now use Presta valves and a desirable arranger is included with the EasyPump. unfortunately, it ’ s extremely inconvenient and awkward to use, since the arranger has to be screwed on to the valve. We never managed to get it to fit 100 % besotted or sit absolutely on the valve, which is just annoying ! To ensure a full connection, it had to be screwed on securely, but doing sol caused a different trouble wholly : applying excessively much force to the valve made the valve itself spin, breaking the navy seal of our tubeless frame-up and springing a leak .

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    Unscrewing the adapter didn ’ thyroxine constantly go as it should in our test either. If you ’ re not careful, you ’ ll end up unscrewing the valve core. Our point : replace the standard valve adapter with a universal valve adapter from Silca for about € 35. With that taken manage of, inflating bicycle tires works much better. Everything sits tight, it can be put on and taken off within seconds and you won ’ t lose any more tune. By contrast, inflating the tires of our Transporter was relatively aboveboard. No air escaped when we screwed the association on or off. however, inflating a car run down takes a long time .


    • accurate pressure display
    • automatic shut-off when target pressure is reached
    • can be charged via USB


    • very slow inflation
    • not suitable for fitting tubeless tires
    • Presta valve adapter doesn’t seal well


    The compact Bosch EasyPump packages the latest technology in a compact design, but it’s far too slow to fit tubeless tires. What do you use it for then? For making slight adjustments to and checking the pressure. Unless you’re in a hurry, the EasyPump performs these tasks well with its precise pressure sensor and convenient display. However, its usefulness is limited. If you decide to buy one anyway, we recommend swapping the valve adapter and planning in enough time when inflating your tires.

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    Tester: Nils Duration: 1 calendar month Price: € 69.99 Weight: 400 g More information:
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    Words: Nils Mai Photos: Jonas Müssig

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