What Are Solar Nails: 4 Interesting Things To Know

Brian Burns / February 08,2023
What Are Solar Nails: 4 Interesting Things To Know
  • What Are Solar Nails?
  • 1. They Are More Pleasant Than Basic Acrylics And Gels.
  • 2. Solar Nails Last For Weeks.
  • 3. They Do Not Get Stained Or Discolored Quickly.
  • 4. You Can Apply Solar Nails Full Set At Home.
  • In Conclusion
  • Embellishing the fingernails with different colored polishes and arts has been a necessity for women who cannot stand the sight of their bare cuticles. And yet, here I am, saying ‘Pass!’ every time a friend invites me to go to the salon to get our nails painted with gel or acrylic.My reason is quite uncomplicated. I do not want to deal with chipped polish as much as you probably do; that’s why I just skip from opting for it whenever I visit my manicurist.Naked nail plates give me the shudders still, mind you, but I found an alternative to paints when I heard about what are solar nails. The simplest thing we can say about it is originally a brand of acrylic nails, and has several interesting aspects – four, to be exact – that may attract you into changing your loyalty soon.

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    What Are Solar Nails?1. They Are More Pleasant Than Basic Acrylics And Gels.2. Solar Nails Last For Weeks.3. They Do Not Get Stained Or Discolored Quickly.4. You Can Apply Solar Nails Full Set At Home.In Conclusion

    What Are Solar Nails?

    1. They Are More Pleasant Than Basic Acrylics And Gels.

    The latter types of artificial nails have greater popularity than solar nails since they have been used to beautify the fingers of women across the planet longer in comparison to the other one.However, what makes solar nails greater than gel or acrylic ones is the ease of applying and removing it.On a personal note, when I tried the basic acrylic nails for the first time, I had to rely on take-outs the entire day because it takes a lot of time to completely dry.I got a little weirded out once it did, though, since it made me claustrophobic when I felt the acrylics shrinking on my nails.The only and last time I went to have gel nails, meanwhile, totally helped me realize that it was not – and still is not – for people with low pain tolerance like me.It was alright when the technician applied a thick coat of gel on my fingers, but the heat coming from the UV lamp which my hands were placed under was too much for me.With the solar nails, on the contrary, the tech will adhere a plastic tip on each of the fingernails to achieve the length that you desire before painting them. Hence, your beloved nails do not get ruined in the process.

    2. Solar Nails Last For Weeks.

    There are several reasons why solar is your best choice when you want to prevent coming to the nail salon almost every week. The first one is that its way of application creates a stronger artificial nail that will not break easily. It is the edge that it has over the regular acrylic since the second-mentioned chips off fast.The composition of the solar nails is quite diverse too. It contains a mixture of acrylic and solar powder, which allows the formation of a better beauty enhance. And despite being categorized as artificial, the nail professional does not need to attach extensions; that’s why your nails will be saved from excessive damages in the future.You do not have to pay over 20 dollars after a couple of weeks as well if you have opted for solar nails in the beginning since a refill of it will not wear off within 21 days. This can keep you from spending on nail grooming every month.

    3. They Do Not Get Stained Or Discolored Quickly.

    In case you love going to tanning salons (like some of us are) to obtain the sun-kissed skin appearance without actually sunbathing at the beach, do you feel self-conscious upon seeing your acrylics turn yellow afterward?Yes, it can become a total disaster, especially if you plan on meeting a new hot guy on the same day but cannot book an appointment to have the discolored nails removed stat. It is also a catastrophe. However, that can be prohibited if you choose solar nails next time.How these artificial nails can do that is because of the right combination of solar powder and the liquid acrylic. The compound they form hardens effectively without the aid of a UV lamp and requires zero layer of clear top coat to maintain its shine. Due to this, the heat or chemical utilized in the tanning shop cannot affect it.

    4. You Can Apply Solar Nails Full Set At Home.

    The typical question is, “Is there a way I can recreate the solar nails without paying a nail tech?”The basic answer is yes because you can ask your friend or sister to apply it to you. With right tools, it will not be impossible to accomplish.If you cannot imagine entrusting the enhancement of your fingernails to someone else without a license, though, you may try to do it yourself too.The benefit you can get out of learning the proper way of applying solar nails is that you will be able to redo or refill them before or after working hours in your living quarters. You do not need to think of spending on gas or the services of an expert. More importantly, you get to do various shapes and designs on your own.The necessary materials to possess, in general, include the nail primer, the artificial nails, the specialized glue, the acrylic, and the solar powder. There is no reason for you to order portable machines to perfect the standard pink-and-white nails that solar is known for. Feel free to check out this video on how to perform this task:

    In Conclusion

    Although some say that solar nails are only different from acrylics because of the brand name, it is, in fact, a better version of the latter as:

    • It does not chip away
    • The UV from the tanning solutions do not disturb its composition
    • It is not harsh on the real nails.

    The amount of time and money you get to save when you choose to have these longer-lasting artificial nails may surprise you. If your mind tells you that you can DIY the entire process, go for it. If you need a professional’s help, it can still be affordable since you ideally have to return to the salon once a week. If you wish to see further explanations are to what are solar nails, do not be shy to ask us through the Comments below. Cheers!Related Posts:No results have been returned for your Query. Please edit the query for content to display.