Cycling Uganda | SafariFRANK | MTB and E-Bikes | All the iconic locations!

Brian Burns / November 22,2022
  • What is this safari about?
  • Who can go?
  • What is this safari about?

    Uganda is a nation with smasher & diversity second to none and the best manner to experience the REAL Uganda is to ride it with a bicycle, on the background and amongst its people. There are several cycling trips on offer in Uganda, from a 10-day slip of western Uganda for the unplayful MTB fanatic, to a 2- or 3-day easy ride around Mburo National Park. besides on offer is a 9-day Set Departure ride covering many of the iconic spots in Uganda .
    The 10-day trip through West-Uganda will be the most singular and beautiful nature and wildlife mountain bike travel you will ever make. You ’ ll motorbike past breath-taking lakes and through the hobo camp of one of populace ’ s only habitats of batch gorilla ’ south, followed by a thrilling campaign ride on your iron horse through one of Uganda ’ s national parks to see lions, american bison ’ s, elephants and much more. Experience local culture by riding through beautiful african villages and meeting its friendly inhabitants, while slaloming between charming crater lakes with a backdrop of Uganda ’ s massive mountains : the Rwenzori ’ south. besides much to mention !
    The shorter 2- or 3-day ride around Lake Mburo NP is ideal for travellers that are lament to bicycle amongst zebra and antelopes, an perplex experience ! Lake Mburo is a minor but very beautiful home parking lot a 4-hour drive from Kampala. The Park hosts many species of wildlife like hippopotamus ’ mho, old world buffalo, Uganda kob, waterbuck, etc. The enlistment includes some fantastic rides on the park margin where there is batch of wildlife to be found. accommodation is in campaign tents on a mound with a beautiful horizon of the area .
    The 9-day Set Departure tour have you ride as partially of a humble group in most of the iconic locations of Uganda and staying in basic but comfortable lodge accommodation along the way. The tour takes you from Kampala to Fort Portal, Kibale, Mburo National Park and back to Entebbe. Along the way there are many cultural and wildlife experiences including trekking for chimps at Kibale, cycling around the lakes, an Agro go, arsenic well as local food and chocolate experiences. Cycling distances and trouble are adjusted to suit the group.

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    Reading: Cycling Uganda | SafariFRANK | MTB and E-Bikes | All the iconic locations!

    Who can go?

    The 10-day West Uganda trip is for the serious MTB fanatic, so be mindful, you ’ ll have to work for it ! You ’ ll cycle from Fort Portal to Kisoro and then through Lake Mburo and will cover between 200km and 400km with quite some elevation meters. This is not for the faint, but very much do-able if you have an adequate fitness floor .
    The 2-and-3-day ride in Mburo NP and the 9-day determined passing drive is much easier and anybody with a reasonable fitness tied can participate. There are besides e-bikes available on request making it a breeze… .
    The minimum senesce for all trips is 12 years old .