7 Astonishing Engagement Rings Every Woman Must Try

Brian Burns / April 16,2020

So the ultimate question has popped up and you have finally declared a ‘yes’. While sealing the deal with a proposal might seem tough, but it is the quest for the ultimate ‘rock’ to mark your commitment to each other. Now, start the ordeal to search for the best gemstone which symbolizes your love and will immortalize your feelings for each other. As they say ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’, you know you have the ultimate age-old option for the ‘love on the rocks’.
However, one must also weigh on other similar yet equally beautiful gemstone options when shopping for an engagement ring. The Moissanite engagement rings as the next best thing to the Diamond, you need to check these ‘brilliant beauties’ as they are equally good to look at. So, what is a Moissanite and why has it caught the fancy of the brides-to-be in recent times?
The Moissanite is a gemstone variety, much like the Sapphire, Ruby or Emerald. These are the next best thing to Diamond, due to their striking resemblance to the gemstone. This is the hardest known gemstones after Diamond and has a score of 9.25 in the Mohs Scale of Hardness. It has a Refractive Index higher than that of the Diamond which leads to its brilliant sparkle. However, the Moissanite rings NYC should not be confused to be a ‘second-to’ for the Diamond ring, as the Moissanite is a gemstone in its own individual manner; it simply resembles the Diamond to a great deal which only an expert eye can detect. In a way, it is safe to say that Moissanite engagement rings are a great option if you are on a budget. Coming back to the engagement ring options, let us take a look at some of the best ones out there for you to try out:
1. The Solitaire
This is a single stone upon a band and is one of the most preferred choices for an engagement ring. This is a classic choice and is almost synonymous with engagement. When one thinks of ‘popping the question with the perfect ring’; it is the Solitaire you think of. These are also good in your pocket and look great too.
2. The Vintage
These are for the ‘Art deco’ kind of a girl with a love for everything ‘history’. These have a story and perhaps even a lineage associated with it. The Vintage engagement ring holds a great deal of the ‘old world charm’ to it and yet stays ever-valuable.
3. The Halo 
This is the circle of small stones around the central stone over a band, thus, it gives an appearance of ‘halo’. The Halo engagement rings are available in various shapes like the Square, round and double drop. The reason for their popularity is the fact that the smaller stones around, makes the center stone look larger and more brilliant.
4. The Three-Stone Ring
This is for the extravagant bride-to-be, for whom it is never enough. So, instead of a single stone, you give her a three-stone instead. This included a center stone with two other stones on either side. These could be slightly smaller, larger or of the same sizes. In fact, many times some of the most beautiful patterns include colored stones to add the extra ‘drama’. These look lovely and colorful as well if you want them to be.
5. Side Stone Ring
Not necessarily a three-stone ring, but close. This is a great option for the bride who wants her engagement ring to look different from the rest. This includes a number of side stones, gemstones for accents. These include the vintage gemstone and custom design rings as well. While more the stones, more is the sparkle, but beware as it also adds to the responsibility of making sure you do not miss out on a stone or two. Not a great choice for regular wear and tear.
6. The Eternity Band
This is a cluster of tiny Diamond arrangements or any gemstones fitted in the band. As the settings include the stones to circle the band entirely, these are termed as the ‘eternity’ bands. The very first Eternity bands caught the fancy of the people, as they did not have a center stone at all. These looked lovely and symbolized a ‘lasting love’ forever.
7. The Moissanite
These are simply adorable with a lovely rainbow sparkle added to it. These look just as good to the classic diamond and are just as good. As the moissanite engagement rings have grown in their popularity, you can spot one best-suited for you in no time. Moissanite rings make some of the more wonderful options to choose from. These are classy as well and add to the beauty of the occasion. These are gemstones, exclusive in their own right and bear a resemblance to the Diamond. However, you might not want to mistake it for ‘fake diamond’ as it is a precious stone in its individual standing.
Final Words
Love is a wonderful feeling; one must be able to do it the right way. Since time eternal, women and jewelry have been known to complement each other. To be able to express your true feelings and to make sure you get the same sentiments back, a little token of love in the form of rings makes it a lot easier. However, if you are planning on surprising your beloved, be sure to know her well enough, as she might not agree with your choice of the stone. Better still, go ahead and get her along with you to be able to make a better choice. This clears any chances of misunderstanding and you also know what to pick up on. When selecting a gemstone, be sure to get it done from a reputable and reliable jeweler.

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