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Brian Burns / January 24,2023

Woke on Steroids: Vanderbilt University Prof Claims Math is Racist White Supremacy and Anti-Gay

Woke on Steroids: Vanderbilt University Prof Claims Math is Racist White Supremacy and Anti-Gay
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  • The Slow Creep
    Remember when we used to hear professors and scientists talk about how math was the universal language of the universe? It used to be that mathematics was the same regardless of your socioeconomic background, native language, or hell, even the time in history you were born.

    It’s what people much smarter than us used to label wertfrei – it’s amoral, neutral, universal; value-free.

    Not anymore! Now the field, or should I say practicum since ‘field’ is considered “insensitive” to say as it harkens back to the days of slaves working the fields of mathematics, is drenched in the terrible shade of white.

    That’s right, boys and girls, math is white supremacy.

    I’ve written about many things that I find absolutely ridiculous, but this might take the cake.

    The best part is that a Vanderbilt professor who recently spouted such nonsense, combined with a whole bunch of other random imagined transgressions for the field of mathematics, proves that the downfall of civilization might very well be our collective stupidity versus the assumed inevitable nuclear apocalypse. 

    Say What Now?

    Vanderbilt University assistant professor of mathematics Luis Leyva lectured at what is advertised as the ‘largest mathematics gathering in the world’ earlier this month at the Joint Mathematics Meetings of 2023 in Boston.


Brian Burns / January 15,2023

China records first population decline in 60 years

China records first population decline in 60 years

The content originally appeared on: CNN
Hong Kong

Brian Burns / January 10,2023

Life expectancy gap grows – what it might mean for state pension age

Life expectancy gap grows – what it might mean for state pension age
  • State Pension: Expert outlines criteria to qualify
  • State Pension: Expert outlines criteria to qualify

    We use your sign-up to provide content in ways you’ve consented to and to improve our understanding of you. This may include adverts from us and 3rd parties based on our understanding. You can unsubscribe at any time. More infoCurrently, the state pension age is 66 and is set to rise further to 67 and subsequently 68 in the future. While it is not yet clear how the state pension age will change, there has been speculation an acceleration to the planned increase could occur.An ongoing review has vowed to consider the latest life expectancy data, as well as other evidence before it feeds back by May 7, 2023.Life expectancy may have a substantial role to play in the decision on the state pension age, as new analysis has been released.Recent data shared by the Office for Health Improvements and Disparities has shown the life expectancy gap between most and least deprived areas continues to grow.In 2020-21 the gap between life expectancy between the richest and poorest quintiles was 8.6 years for a man and 7.1 years for a woman. However, between 2014 and 2016, it was 7.7 years for a man and 6.1 years for a woman.The average life expectancy in England in 2020/21 is 78.7 for a man, and 82.7 for a woman.But life expectancy continues to vary across all regions in the UK, it is worth noting.In the North East, the average life expectancy for a man is 77, and 81 for a woman.DON’T MISS
    ‘Hidden hero’ helps to boost pensions but it may be at risk [INSIGHT]
    Inflation to fall but Britons will still face ‘relentless pressure’ [UPDATE]

Brian Burns / December 24,2022

Which Dog Training Method is Right For You?


If you’re looking to get your pet dog trained, you’re not alone. You have actually probably become aware of clicker training as well as E-collars. They’re a great method to educate your pet dog and also make it more comfortable around you. However just how do you understand which training method is right for you as well as your pet?Patience
Persistence is a vital part of dog training. It aids you concentrate on what is essential as well as maintains you as well as your dog in the “finding out zone.” When you lose patience, it can result in rage. Frustration can have an adverse result on your connection and also your life. You can learn to manage your rage as well as maintain your partnership healthy and balanced.A great location to begin training your pet dog is with a simple command. The “wait” command will instruct your dog to await things, like food and also play time. Your pet is also most likely to act far better around other dogs if he or she holds your horses.Self-confidence

Brian Burns / December 03,2022

Factbox-What is happening in Sudan?


(Reuters) - Sudan's military leaders and a coalition of civilian parties signed a framework deal on Monday that could launch a new political transition in the country.Here is some background to the events.WHO HAS BEEN IN CHARGE IN SUDAN?Sudan began a transition to democracy after a popular uprising and the ouster in April 2019 of President Omar al-Bashir, an Islamist shunned by the West who had presided over the country for nearly three decades.Under an August 2019 agreement, the military agreed to share power with officials appointed by civilian political groups ahead of elections. But that arrangement was abruptly halted by a military coup in October 2021, which triggered a campaign of frequent pro-democracy mass rallies across Sudan.WHERE DOES THE BALANCE OF POWER LIE?The military has been a dominant force in Sudan since independence in 1956, waging protracted internal wars, staging repeated coups, and amassing extensive economic holdings.During the transition that began with Bashir's ouster and ended with the 2021 coup, distrust between the military and civilian parties ran deep.The civilian side has drawn on backing from a resilient protest movement and parts of the international community, though key regional powers have close ties to Sudan's military leadership.Some former rebel factions aligned themselves with the military, while veterans of Bashir's regime returned to the civil service following the coup.WHAT ARE THE DISAGREEMENTS OVER?One point of tension is the pursuit of justice over allegations of war crimes by the military and its allies in the conflict in Darfur from 2003.

Brian Burns / November 22,2022

How New Doctors Feel; Bacterial Deaths; and Youth Sexuality

How New Doctors Feel; Bacterial Deaths; and Youth Sexuality

 New Doctors Find Fulfillment and FrustrationNew doctors say patient care is their biggest joy but add that they are frustrated by social factors. Some 27% of new doctors say that working with patients, helping people, and making the world a better place are the most rewarding parts of their job, according to Medscape’s Young Physician Compensation Report 2022.But nearly all doctors who spoke to Medscape say they are concerned about care disparities and a lack of diversity, equity, and inclusion in medicine; addressing those issues is a central part of some doctors’ careers.Next generation: Many of the doctors surveyed came of age professionally during the pandemic, as medicine changed rapidly and dramatically. In addition, more women entered the field, but gender pay disparities remain substantial, Medscape’s report finds.Priorities: New doctors say that dealing with burnout, work-life balance, and an identity outside of work are non-negotiable priorities. Five Pathogens Cause Half of Bacterial DeathsFive pathogens are linked to more than half of bacterial deaths worldwide, according to what may be the first estimate of such deaths. All told, 33 bacterial pathogens were responsible for more than 1 in 7 deaths in 2019, according to a study in The Lancet.The five deadliest pathogens include Staphylococcus aureus, the leading cause of bacterial death in 135 countries; Streptococcus pneumoniae, associated with the most deaths in children younger than 5; Escherichia coli; Klebsiella pneumoniae; and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, the study reports.

Brian Burns / November 22,2022

SEO Copywriting – How To Optimize Your Website

SEO Copywriting – How To Optimize Your Website
  • What is SEO Copywriting?
  • SEO Copywriting VS SEO Content Writing
  • How To Optimize Your Website According to SEO Guidelines?
  • In Conclusion
  • 1. Optimize Your Website Speed
  • 2. Choose The Right Keywords
  • 3. Focus On The Headline
  • 4. Write Quality-Driven Content
  • 5. Write With Search Intent In Mind
  • Hello guys, today in this article, we will discuss SEO copywriting – how to optimize your website. So keep reading.Increasing your position rankings through content can be as challenging as it sounds; however, if you step up your SEO copywriting game, your website and content can rank the highest.Unfortunately, some SEO rules constantly change while others remain the same. This reality can make developing a winning strategy difficult. It is therefore important to both adapt to changes and learn the fundamental rules that consistently improve your ranking.In our blog, we will identify these fundamental rules and discover crucial tips to improve your SEO copywriting skills!

    What is SEO Copywriting?

    SEO copywriting represents two processes, the SEO part and copywriting part. SEO involves choosing relevant keywords for your web pages and optimizing them for search engines. Copywriting involves writing relevant and interesting content while using chosen keywords for higher rankings.These two processes combine to create content that ranks higher in search engines for relevant keywords. Use this process to write:

Brian Burns / October 30,2022

7 Tips for Staying Physically and Mentally Healthy

  • 1. Be Aware of Your Surroundings
  • 2. Eat A Balanced Diet
  • 3. Stay Hydrated
  • 4. Engage In Some Form of Physical Activity
  • 5. Connect With Nature
  • 6. Maintain A Healthy Sleep-Wake Cycle
  • 7. Take Time Out For Yourself
  • Bottom Line
  • Are you tired of making unhealthy choices in your life, and they have affected your health badly? If that is the case, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss some important ways you can adopt to stay physically and mentally healthy.Making healthier choices and dedication are required to stay physically and mentally fit. Follow the below-mentioned tips to stay physically and mentally healthy.So, without further ado, let us get straight to the topic.

Brian Burns / September 27,2022

Opinion of China in advanced economies sours ‘precipitously’ under Xi – Pew


BEIJING/HONG KONG (Reuters) - Public opinion towards China in the United States and other advanced economies has turned "precipitously more negative" under President Xi Jinping, according to a global survey by the Pew Research Center.Xi, 69, is widely expected to win a precedent-breaking third five-year term as leader at a Communist Party congress that begins in Beijing on Oct. 16, securing his status as China's most powerful leader since Mao Zedong.While China's economic rise and its investments were seen as a positive for some Latin American, Middle Eastern and African countries, economic competition with China was seen as a "serious problem" in advanced economies like Japan, South Korea, the United States and Australia, according to Pew.The survey, published on Wednesday, found that unfavourable views of China in developed economies had hovered in a relatively narrow band between 2002-2017, before worsening amid concerns including human rights and military power, with some of the sharpest changes between 2019 and 2020, Washington-based Pew said.The shift in opinion was triggered partly by perceptions of China's handling of COVID-19, which emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan in late 2019, as well as a trade war with the United States, aggressive foreign policy and a military buildup in the South China Sea.In the United States, 82% of respondents this year expressed an "unfavourable opinion" of China, up from 79% in 2020.The percentage of those who said they had "no confidence" in Xi to do the "right thing regarding world affairs" was 87% in South Korea in 2022, up from 29% in 2015.

Brian Burns / September 24,2022

Sanwo-Olu At Chatham House, Charges World Leaders On Sustainable Health Care System


…says LASG has consistently increased budgetary allocation, efficiency in healthcareLagos State Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has appealed to world leaders, global think-tank and public office holders to work towards building a sustainable health care system for all and facilitate access for the poor and under-served.Speaking on “Universal Health Coverage in Nigeria: Optimizing Institutional Opportunities and Partnerships for Success” at the weekend at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House, Governor Sanwo-Olu charged global think-tank to optimise institutional opportunities and partnerships for the achievement of Universal Health Coverage (UHC).“To achieve UHC, developing countries must first focus on offering their residents a basic minimum set of healthcare services, provided free at the point of care using subsidy, controlled premiums or at a pre-set tariff system, within government-regulated facilities either public or affiliated private,” he said.Governor Sanwo-Olu said Lagos State as the most populous city in Africa, a financial hub and Africa’s 5th Largest Economy on the continent, has strategically strengthened the health system in pursuit of Universal Health Coverage.He said Lagos State has been using policies to strengthen its health systems, pushing toward the achievement of UHC, which the State considers a journey and not a destination.“In Lagos State, we believe that policy is the most effective tool that governments can deploy in the pursuit of stronger health systems and eventually approaching UHC.


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